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Lamborghini's wide and varied back catalogue is on display at the company museum near Bologna
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12 March 2014

For a company that has manufactured so few cars in its 51-year history, the Lamborghini back catalogue is surprisingly diverse.

At the recent unveiling of the Huracán at the company’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory, bosses revealed that between 1963 and 2002 the company made just 10,000 cars, an average of just 250 per year. Between 2003 and 2013, however, it made over 20,000 cars (of which 14,000 were Gallardos), an average of 1800 cars per year.

Last year Lamborghini sold 2121 cars, including 1000 of the increasingly popular Aventador and 1120 Gallardos – impressive for a car that was in its 10th year.

So, even though half of all the cars ever made by Lamborghini are Gallardos, the company museum – located at the factory – is stuffed full of fascinating models that chart the company history since 1963. Perhaps the most interesting are three wild concepts that were attempts at replacing the Diablo, when Lamborghini was struggling to stay in the game.

Ironically, it was approaching Audi in 1997 in search of a new drivetrain for a proposed ‘small’ Lamborghini that led to the company being taken over by Audi. It was a break that clearly saved the Italians from oblivion.


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12 March 2014
Whatever the designer of the Reventon is on I'll have some of that!

12 March 2014
Image 17 is of the Reventon, not Concept S, and images 18 and 19 are of the Sesto Elemento, not the Reventon.

12 March 2014
The new Miura is the best looking car there in my opinion.

12 March 2014
Although I have always had a big place in my heart for the Islero, I have to agree that the Miura recreation is the best looking car in there. Although the design was about 40 years old when they built this car, it would still have been the best looking car on the roads if they had ever built it. Why they didn't is a mystery.

12 March 2014
There are very few Lamborghinis that you would actually call beautiful or very attractive. Many are striking and stunning looking, but beautiful? Hardly. As others have said, the Miura concept should have been produced and, if anything, that car should have been the Murcielago's replacement in terms of looks. Apart from being great looking, it'd have ended that familiar wedge-shaped look which started off with Countach, but lasted too long, having been used in the Diablo and Murcielago.

12 March 2014
Go to the museum on Google Maps Streetview and you can go in and take a virtual tour, even to the point of going inside some of the cars.

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