Currently reading: Tories plan more road tolls
Cameron rules out road charging, but says individual tolls work

David Cameron has said the Conservatives may introduce more tolls on newly built roads throughout the UK if they take power.

Tory party leader David Cameron announced on a BBC Television interview that, while the implementation of national schemes wouldn’t work, individual schemes could be established.

He drew upon the triumph of the congestion busting ‘Birmingham Relief Road’, a toll paying road which he deemed to be a “great success”.

Cameron said the tolls are just one of many new taxes that may be required, following news of forecasts predicting an excess of £1 trillion of public borrowing as a result of the current financial crisis.

Despite this, the toll scheme is likely to provoke a negative reaction with motorists.

The AA has slammed the Tories for considering the road tolls.

President Edmund King told the Telegraph: “All the evidence suggests that the public aren’t ready for it and don’t trust politicians to deliver a fair system.”

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