A sample of the reaction to our Tata Nano coverage this week

The Tata Nano went on sale this week, making headlines around the world - including here on autocar.co.uk.

Autocar's Steve Cropley has been at the forefront of the Tata Nano coverage, having travelled to India to sample the car ahead of its launch.

While he was out there he produced a video blog, autocar.tv: driving the Tata Nano.

It can also be seen by visiting You Tube at Tata Nano driven - first drive

As a result, we've been deluged with response to the car. Here are some of the comments left on You Tube:

"That's an impressive car. Very good report, it's informative. I ride a 600cc R6 Yamaha, I wonder what this 650cc car feels like?" - The masskr

"This only shows that it can be done, that automakers are just too greedy to make something that is economical, and yet have some utility." - italianyaris

"It is an amazing car for the market it is aimed at that it!" - electrba

"It's not ugly. It is a shame about the wheels... they are so small to the car's proportion! Anyway, I think will be a success. Great to democratise the car in India." - compaldediosprio

"What an achievement!" - uhohyoho

You can read Steve's first drive at Tata Nano - Road Test First Drive.

Steve has also produced two blogs:Tata Nano v the press.Tata Nano: the true people's car.


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Cheap and undeniably cheerful. Unbelievable value, if only you could buy one in the UK.

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