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Proposed bridge design to connect Hong Kong with China

Dutch architects have shown renderings of a proposed bridge design to connect Hong Kong with China.

The bridge tackles the problem of Hong Kong driving on the left and China driving on the right by featuring a switchover.

See pictures of the switchover bridge

The bridge features two lanes, which then split, one then ducking under the other, to then rejoin, allowing vehicles to drive seamlessly between the countries.

Named "Pearl River Necklace” the concept was created by NL Architects of the Netherlands.

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Selim 31 October 2012

I wished something like this

I wished something like this would be done in a bridge/tunnel combination between the UK and the Netherlands or Belguim, it would be nice Smile

feckin maso 26 June 2010

Re: 'Switchover' bridge revealed

Road trip!!!!!!!!!!!

have to go on this bridge it looks absolutely amazing, I reckon it fits in between the Oresund tunell bridge thing and the Millau in my bridge geekery stakes

Straight Six Man 20 June 2010

Re: 'Switchover' bridge revealed

ordinary bloke wrote:
Very neat and elegant solution. There is always a place for good architecture, we could do with a bit more of it in the UK without the interferenece of HRH PoW everytime a new scheme is proposed.

I would propose a change to planning laws so that the Prince of Wales' approval is a compulsory part of obtaining planning permission for any major development. His 'interference' has saved us from some truly disastrous eyesores being built - the Chelsea Barracks development scheme was grossly insensitive and unforgivably ugly.