Currently reading: Renault ‘Zoe’ wins court case
Renault can name its car the ‘Zoe’, a French judge has ruled

Renault can name its small car the ‘Zoe’, a French judge has ruled.

The ruling was given in favour of the company following a bizarre case started by concerned parents of children named Zoe Renault.

Families argued that children who would share the same name as the car could face a lifetime of teasing and mockery.

According to a family lawyer “there’s a line between living things and inanimate objects, and that line is defined by the first name”.

“We’re telling Renault one very simple thing: first names are for humans,” he continued.

The judge, however, found no evidence that it would cause the children “certain, direct and current harm”.

The Renault Zoe ZE is set for launch in 2012, and its name, meaning ‘life’, will underline the company’s green credentials.Read more about the Renault Zoe

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jelly7961 14 November 2010

Re: Renault ‘Zoe’ wins court case

NobbyUK wrote:
Maybe parents should go back to using proper names for their daughters - like Agnes, Janet or Margaret - so protecting them from a lifetime of teasing and mockery

Zachary! And in France and Italy you are not free to call your child Kymba-Leigh or Shaniqua or whatever as to register your child's name you must attend a magistrate (or equivalent) and they will decide what is or is not allowed. In Italy you generally get your grandfather's name and my son has my father's name. Anyway what an absolutely ridiculous case and yes glad it was chucked out.
Citytiger 14 November 2010

Re: Renault ‘Zoe’ wins court case

Never mind naming your car after a child or vice versa, what about calling your child, Apple, like Gwyneth Paltrow, fancy going to school named after the makers of ipods and iphones....Now that will be embarrassing, but it could have been worse, it might have been microsoft, or perhaps Nokia.

roverfan1984 14 November 2010

Re: Renault ‘Zoe’ wins court case

Can't say I would be too bothered if Vauxhall called their new city car the Vauxhall Dave... a court case?? Really??? These people obviously lead quite sad empty lives if having a car named after them is all theyve got to worry about!!!