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Porsche maintains Nissan must have cheated to achieve GT-R's 'Ring record
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30 September 2008

A Porsche product chief has accused Nissan of cheating to set the GT-R’s record-breaking lap time around the Nurburgring in April.Engineers from the German sports car maker have been running tests at the ‘Ring and could not get within 25 seconds of Nissan’s claimed 7:29 second lap time. “For us, it’s not clear how this time is possible” August Achleitner, product boss for the 911, told the Australian press. “This wonder car with 7:29 could not have been a regular series production car… We imagine with this Nissan used other tyres.” Achleitner apparently said the GT-R’s time – which was set with ex-F1 driver Toshio Suzuki at the wheel - could only have been achieved if the car was running semi-slicks. Porsche apparently purchased its own Nissan GT-R in the US and has pitted it in back-to-back tests against a standard GT2 and a 911 Turbo. With Porsche’s driver behind the wheel – who wasn’t hot lap specialist Walter Rohrl – the GT-R apparently set a lap time of 7 minutes 54 seconds. On the same day, the 911 Turbo managed 7:38 and the GT2 clocked 7:34, Achleitner said. Back in April, Nissan was keen to draw attention to the GT-R’s pace around the Nurburgring, with a lap time it insisted was set by a standard factory car. But many commentators are sceptical about the value of comparing Nordschleife times, in case manufacturers have fettled with their car.

Will Powell



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30 September 2008

Wonder how long before the ring ends up getting its own full time adjudicator?

The probability that the GTR that cracked the 7:30 barrier was fettled is quite high, be that tyre or engine mods. What will be interesting is if Nissan go back with "standard" cars to prove a point!

30 September 2008

Didn't the last record Nissan set (when the skyline became the first roadcar to dip under 8 minutes) turn out to have been made by a heavily tweaked, not particularly standard car? They seem to have a very vague idea of what the phrase 'standard road car' actually means.

You get the impression standard road car means a modified car that is still road legal and outwardly indistinguishable from normal. Perhaps VW should shoehorn a Veyron engine under the hood of the new Golf GTI?

30 September 2008

It always smelled like BS... especially in light of the current article in Evo, where a Zonda F in the hands of a professional 'Ring meister only managed a 7.24 and that weights c.600kg less and has c.200bhp more.

30 September 2008

Another thing about the GTR I've never quite fathomed is why it's also so quick in a straight line. GTR's engine "only" has around 475 bhp and the car weighs well over 1700 kilos. Yet it matches or beats a number of lighter competitors with more powerful engines, in acceleration times.

I suspect that Nissan's quoted power output of GTR's engine is well on the conservative side. I wonder if anyone has bench-tested this engine independently.

30 September 2008

Isn't this all a little irrelevant? Every test and I do mean every test I have read or watched on motoring programmes the GT-R blitzes whatever Porsche it is pitted against including, in Top Gear, The Carrera GT. Sour grapes perhaps? Porsche are hardly likely to come out and say "yep fair do's this is an awesome car" are they?

30 September 2008

[quote Count1999]"yep fair do's this is an awesome car"[/quote]

I suspect it is 'awesome', a bit anodyne though? I reckon it could do with a bit more soul. Drivers republic video vs. a pdk 997 'S' is one example of something beating it by the way.

30 September 2008

It does not surprisee me...they...Nissan....have been doing it for years....and why doesn't anyone make any comments about the awful plastics and boring Japanese interior styling....ah yes becausee loads of advertising money comes in from them, which also explains why everyone tries to love Ford these days. Unfortunately, the days of strong independent car magazines have been taken over by please-the-advertiser editors.

30 September 2008

So does this count:

Sabine Schmitz, she of Top Gear fame, and proprietor of Nürburgring Nordschleife driving school broke the lap record last week in a time of 7 minutes 9 seconds in a Porsche 911 GT3.

What a woman!

1 October 2008

I think it would be good for Autocar to rolling road every performance car they test and show the figures against the manufacturers claimed figures.

Anyone remember the press Octavia RS fleet that had closer to 230bhp than the 180bhp?

The famous 150mph E type.

I'll bet the sub 7m30s Skyline is packing huge horsepower gains over the standard cars.

1 October 2008

Nissan's claim seems plausible given the 911 Turbo managed 7:38 and the GTR seems to beat it in most tests, albeit on tracks that probably have slower average speeds.

But... the quoted power seems to be someway short of the truth - hang-up from the old Japanese gentleman's power agreement?

[quote andrew1965]boring Japanese interior styling[/quote]

Could equally say, boring German interior styling....


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