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New Porsche boss says his firm should be sharing platforms and knowledge with Bentley

Porsche’s new boss Matthias Müller has said the firm should share platforms and knowledge with VW Group stablemate Bentley - but admitted the British brand’s own plans could affect the chances of putting further variants of the Panamera into production.

Porsche is said to be keen to improve its economies of scale, particularly on the Panamera’s platform. That’s led to speculation that the car could spawn a a big two-door coupé as an indirect successor to the 928.

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Müller has now admitted that further variants of the car are likely, but he also foresees tie-ups with Bentley. “I think we have to discuss with Bentley whether we can put together our performance, our engineers,” he said. “It should be possible.

“What we want to do, in conjunction with Bentley, is to have a common architecture, a common performance in purchasing, and so on. That is just an offer to Bentley; you have to understand. Everybody will be keen to get synergies and reduce costs, and at the end of the day, have a better revenue.”

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Müller said that more than one Panamera variant was being considered. “To have only a four-door limousine is a boring option for the future,” he stated. “You can imagine a coupé with two doors, a longer version, maybe a van, a combi, or something else. There are a lot of ideas about the Panamera line-up but we cannot do all of these derivatives at the same time, and we need to look at the customers, whether they are keen to have a derivative of the Panamera.

“We have to look at our competitors, and our internal competitors. Maybe there is a Bentley; we have to look at whether the Porsche can fit in with the strategy there. It would be stupid to have a car, a derivative, which substitutes, or is substituted, to 100 per cent by another brand.”

When asked directly if Bentley’s Continental GT would affect the production decision on a two-door 928 successor, Müller said, “Yes, of course.”

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caddy06 26 November 2010

Re: Porsche 'could share with Bentley'

I suspect that the European market is the least of Porsche's current objectives/worries. What matters to VAG is China. They are one of the, if not THE , biggest brands there and Audi is everywhere ( more so than MB I think).

There are Porsches but only the Cayenne, the Chinese do not yet seem to "get" sports cars, they want Bling and lots of it. So I think for the moment China growth for Porsche = Cayenne/Panamerica as they are physically big enough to sell well in China. Hence the interet in lots of variiants of the big Porsches.

Maybe sad for Uk purists but probalby commercial reality going forward..

autounionDI 24 November 2010

Re: Porsche 'could share with Bentley'

@ disco ,you are so right here at the end of it all it comes down to economics....all companies are in it for profit.......

Dark Isle 23 November 2010

Re: Porsche 'could share with Bentley'

I quite fancy a Porsche Caravelle with built-in gas hob and curtains. ;-)