We pit the Panamera Turbo against the BMW 760Li and Quattroporte GTS in a group test
15 October 2009

In this week’s Autocar magazine, Steve Sutcliffe pitted the new Porsche Panamera Turbo against its luxury sports saloon rivals.

It took on the BMW 760Li and Maserati Quattroporte GTS on damp roads in south Wales - and you can see the spectacular photography from the group test by clicking the link below.

See the hi-res Porsche Panamera Turbo, BMW 760Li and Maserati Quattroporte GTS pics from the group test

The Panamera was the most alert and responsive, while the Maserati looked – and sounded – the real deal. The BMW’s real talents lay in its ability to make such a big car feel small and sit flat when pushed hard.

The test left Sutcliffe pondering one big question: “Does the world need a car that can transport four at such high speed in such comfort for so much money?”

For the full story and results, check out this week’s copy of Autocar, which is on sale now.

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Our Verdict

Porsche Panamera

Can the four-door Porsche Panamera still do what’s expected of a Porsche?

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15 October 2009

In answer to sutcliffes question.

Yes we do need cars like this.

15 October 2009

Of course you should have ditched the BMW for the more sporty Merc S63, or ultimately the S65 which would have been the quickest car there by some margin!

15 October 2009

agreed the s63 should have been in this test its the one more sensible buyers would chose (ok its a 6.3 but you get my point) the s class sales have and always been the best in this sector and im not sure which car id choose in this test they all appeal to different customers i suspect but i think id choose the maserati overall

15 October 2009

I agree with the fact that the S65 AMG should've been included, but i think the BMW is quite impressive.....however i recently drove the Panamera Turbo in the Middle East.....what a machine!!!! it looks like nothing else in the road it might not be as handsome as the Maser or the BMW but it has an amazing road presence, it also has the best driving position that any car i've driven and by far...better that a lot of cars claiming to be sporty.....and speed i dont think i need to describe how fast and agile it was.......it also depends on where u drive it.......in Kuwait they have silk smooth roads and it suits the car so well it feels like u riding a limo. on the main question...i think the world needs cars like this it reminds us that there is a lot more to cars than GWizzes and and Hybrid Toyotas and all these lifeless eco rubbish manufacturers keep bringing....the car future looks grim!!!!!

15 October 2009

Oh dear!. I've just spotted where Porsche have been cutting costs on their interiors. All of the seats are blatantly old BMW E36 M3 vader seats that have been reconditioned!.I would have thought they would have at least used their own old 911 seats!.


15 October 2009

My first thought upon seeing the Panamera -v- Maserati -v- 760Li was that the BMW was a very odd choice in such a group test - I would have thought a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG would have been more in keeping with the niche segment the Panamera will occupy. Tradtionally, BMW 7-Series -v- Audi A8 -v- Mercedes-Benz S-Class makes sense as they are comparable rivals. A 760Li against a Panamera is just rubbish.

Either Autocar wanted an easy outcome for the road test article or (as is usually the case) the 760Li was the only car available to them on the day. Lucky it wasn't the new VW Polo that was the only car available on the day, we might have had that included instead of the 760Li, or a Smart... or a Veyron... or a Skoda Superb... any other suggestions for vehicles more suited to this "test" than the 760Li?

Autocar is slowing losing it...very, very slowly losing it.


15 October 2009

Just think.....in about 10/12 yrs time, useable and presetable examples of the 760LI will be around from a few hundred pounds to about £2500 for something really nice! This has always been the case with the 7 Series, including V12 versions.

15 October 2009

In answer to Steve Sutcliffe's question - do we need cars like these?

The answer is absolutely no, we don't need them.

But enough people with money desire them to make them worthwhile producing.

And those of us who live in the real world of motoring can hope for some 'trickle down' developments in our ordinary cars in the future - possibly.

15 October 2009

BMW are planning to sell only a measly 50 760lis per year - would have thought at least into three figures would be realistic sales target

15 October 2009

" Autocar is slowing losing it...very, very slowly losing it."

I'm completely gobsmacked by your statement! Autocar lost it years ago. No integrity or depth or context in their news, editorial, or road testing. Nice short vids however. J


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