Motorists hate motorways in the Northwest more than any other region
26 November 2009

Drivers in the north-west of England hate motorways more than any other region on the country due to a lack of skill in dealing with multi-lane roads, according to a new survey from the AA Driving School.

More than a fifth of drivers in the Northwest say they lack the skills needed for motorway driving, and avoid using the region’s motorways if possible.

The area contains the M60, M6 and M62, which are among the UK’s five busiest motorways.

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Across the whole country, 14 per cent of drivers say they do not possess the ability to confidently deal with motorway driving, equating to nearly five million people.

The AA’s online route planner generates six million journeys each year that have been specified to avoid motorway use.

Driving too slowly, not merging safely when joining the motorway, and not observing safe following distances are the most commonly observed problems, according to AA Driving School instructors.

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26 November 2009

As a regular visitor to the north-west, often using the M62, I know the motorway driving around there is particularly bad. But like the whole country, lane discipline is awful. We could improve congestion and safety massively by having the police enforce lane discipline. Last time I was on the M62, a Clio was staying in the right-hand lane no matter what. As a massive queue built up behind him, people started overtaking in the empty lanes to the left, and so people were bunching up to stop those drivers coming back into the queue when they encountered car in their lane. When someone forces back into the lane, you get chain reaction braking. That all gets very dangerous, starting because one person is not driving properly, with others getting frustrated and reacting. Edit: All my paragraphs have gone when posted.

26 November 2009

Who wrote the headline to this piece? The headline says the north-west has the worst roads but the actual text says the north-west has the worst drivers.

Not being in the north-west myself I have no opinion one way or the other on which, if either, of these propositions is correct but it is an odd thing to see.

26 November 2009

It's grim up North.

Where has all Japanese design went to?

26 November 2009

Is it just me or does it appear driver training is lacking in this country? I took my licence abroad, and part of the process was three hours of obligatory motorway driving, including a lot of going on and off and crossing of lanes. Perhaps the people who are not confident in driving on a motorway and those not sure of what lane discipline is should go on the motorway with a driving instructor - yes even the ones with licences. There is no law saying you can't brush up or have your driving skills reassessed every now and then. Also I'd like to see a campaign to get people to use their mirrors on the motorway. Just because you happen to be doing 70 mph in the "fast lane" doesn't mean the guy behind you is happy with the rate of progress.

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