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Autocar's campaign to improve national driving standards

A new Autocar/AA campaign aimed at improving the standard of driving on Britain’s roads has been launched.

Drive Better will call for more traffic police on the roads to improve road safety, as an alternative to the government’s reliance on speed cameras, as well as raising awareness about driving standards and pushing for changes to the driving test.

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“Our Drive Better campaign is intended to raise awareness of the declining standards of driving in the UK and ultimately to bring about a change in the driving test," said Autocar editor Chas Hallett.

“We want the test to include motorway driving and lane discipline. Too many new drivers pass their test without ever having driven on a motorway and it shows in the lack of awareness obvious on the UK’s roads. Together with the AA we will be lobbying parliament for a rethink of the driving test process.”

Edmund King, AA president, said: " Despite all the doom and gloom about cost of fuel, congestion and clamping, 83 per cent of AA members still enjoy motoring. However, together with Autocar readers, I am sure that we can make motoring more pleasurable thought the Autocar AA Drive Better campaign.

"We kick off by highlighting the dangers and stresses of my number one pet hate, the tailgater. We are keen to hear from readers about what else would make driving better.”

Drive better features

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Drive Better - what should be done?

Change the driving test

Motorway driving is not included in the driving test, but we believe it should be. And teaching proper lane discipline should form an important part of the expansion of the test.

More police, fewer cameras

Cameras cannot deal with bad driving. They cannot catch tailgaters, aggressive or careless drivers, or middle lane hoggers. Traffic police can, and we want to see cameras used less and police used more.

Put the enjoyment back into driving

If we can raise awareness about bad driving in the UK, and help to improve the standard, we can remove some of the frustration associated with journeys on Britain’s roads.

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