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Nissan vows to return to the 'Ring each year and go even faster

Nissan has confirmed that its GT-R has lowered its best lap time around the Nurburgring.

The Nissan GT-R is reported to have set a lap of 7m 26.70sec on 23 April.

Porsche says Nissan cheating

Nissan has also reported its previous best lap times around the Nurburgring as 7m27.56sec on 15 April 2009, 7m29sec in April 2008 and 7m 38sec in September 2007.

"This record demonstrates our commitment to the continuous evolution of the Nissan GT-R," said Kazutoshi Mizuno, chief vehicle engineer and chief vehicle specialist.

"We would like to continue delivering the passion and pride of ownership to our customers by improving its performance every year."

Porsche has previously poured scorn on Nissan's claimed lap times around the 'Ring for the GT-R. It says a standard GT-R would be capable of no more than a 7m 54s lap.


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