Enthusiasts invited to name new access roads around famous MG factory
22 February 2010

Further development work at MG Motor UK’s famous Longbridge factory has prompted a unique opportunity for enthusiaststs to name roads at the facility.

The carmaker is renaming five access roads to the new site and is asking MG owners, club members and fans to give MG orientated suggestions.

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After being partly demolished in 2005 with the loss of Rover, Longbridge looks set to recover under the financial security of owner SAIC.

The new road names will reflect the heritage of the MG brand, which is currently gearing up to build its new model, the MG 6.

Winning entrants will be given an invitation to Longbridge and the chance to be photographed alongside ‘their’ new road sign.

With the deadline for suggestions set for Friday, 26 February, ideas can be submitted via the 'contact us' section at MG road name competition

Rory White

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22 February 2010

Anything but Metro, Maestro, or Montego.

22 February 2010

Maganet Avenue, Abingdon Way, Midget Road, Morris Street, Shanghai Park Road...?

This is a good idea. A revitalised MG needs some connection with the past. The way it is now, is not how it always was, or will be.

As I frequently say, "Onward!"

22 February 2010

Rusty Way

Bankruptcy Close

Free Recovery Road

Lackof Drive

Forgotten Place

22 February 2010

[quote noluddite]Anything but Metro, Maestro, or Montego.[/quote]

All much maligned cars. For all their faults it can't be denied that the Maestro Turbo wasn't an absolute rocket ship that left MkII Golf GTIs and XR3s for dead and the Metros were proper little entertainers.

22 February 2010

[quote tannedbaldhead]All much maligned cars. For all their faults it can't be denied that the Maestro Turbo wasn't an absolute rocket ship that left MkII Golf GTIs and XR3s for dead and the Metros were proper little entertainers. [/quote]

Well said, TBH.

I fails to sadden me the way many, who never owned, nor driven one, feel the need to keep the misconception of AusinRovers failures to the fore.

I owned a MG Montego EFI, that had as many problems of any car of the day and a MG Metro Turbo that live up to the MG name. The FWD MGs' even have their own registers in the MG clubs. They kept the name alive.

As a Ford Capri 2.0S driver discovered on the M6 on my return to Scotland one day, the MG Metro turbos were faster than many would ever want to give them credit for.

22 February 2010

[quote tannedbaldhead]and the Metros were proper little entertainers. [/quote]

My first car was an MG Metro, and it was great fun.

As MGs were originally a Morris with attitude i think the 'anti badge engineering' brigade have missed what MGs were all about. Good fun at a sensible price.

22 February 2010

To be perfectly frank most modern MG models don't lend themselves to road names, especially if you discount the Maestro, Montego and Metro. "ZS Close", "B Road" and "XPower Avenue" don't really have the right ring to them, do they?

I'm with Stephen on this; delve far into the past for happier memories to help inspire for the future (although I'm not sure Midget Road would work!):

Magnette Way
Tigress Drive (http://www.supercars.net/cars/3140.html)
Magna Road
Kimber Avenue (Cecil Kimber, co-founder)
Eyston Road (George Eyston - raced MGs in the 1930s)

for example...

22 February 2010

[quote Nick Rutter]Magnette Way[/quote]

How embarrassing! I misspelled 'Magnette'.

I shall, of course, rebuke myself severely....."Matron! The shackles!"

22 February 2010

MG "A" Road

MG "B" Road

MG"Unclassified" Road

22 February 2010

Alfred Lane,

Morris Place,

Kimber Row,

Midget Drive,

Gardner Grove


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