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Mercedes will benefit from Renault's new 128bhp 1.6 turbodiesel as part of the firms' tie-up

Mercedes will get Renault-Nissan’s new 128bhp 1.6-litre turbodiesel engine as part of the two firms’ recent tie-up, sources in France have revealed.

The new engine will make its way into Mercedes smaller models, in particular its new A-class and B-class ranges that will start to appear from next year.

In return, Stuttgart’s 2.0-litre petrol engine and its range of V6 and V8 units will be used for Renault-Nissan group models.

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The Renault-Nissan brand most likely to benefit from the deal is Infiniti, whose IPL performance models could carry ‘Powered by AMG' badges.

The two firms are also working together on a new range of three and four-cylinder petrol and diesels to be used in Mercedes, Smarts, Renaults and Nissans.

Ranging from 1.2 to 1.8 litres, the engines will be engineered by Daimler and built by Renault. They too will be used in the next A and B-class models, as well as next-gen Clios and Meganes.

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FastRenaultFan 8 December 2010

Re: Merc to get Renault engines

Flash Harry wrote the following post at Dec 08, 2010 12:50 AM:

I think Mercedes should send someone from the design department to Renault in exchange.!!!!!!

I think you mean from Renault to Merc to show Merc how to design a car that actually looks good instead off them ugly bricks they make .

I do think it is great that Renault and Meredes are working on engine technolagy together and who knows maybe in a few years Renault will show Merc how too design a good looking car too .

Uncle Mellow 8 December 2010

Re: Merc to get Renault engines

"Merc to get Renault engines" Quote

'How are the mighty fallen ' Quote

Christian Galea 8 December 2010

Re: Merc to get Renault engines

highland tourer wrote:
However, Mercedes have little recent experience in producing good small capacity engines. Most of the sub 2 litre engines in the A class have poor reviews stating that they are not very punchy or flexible and on the whole gutless. Sure, Renault's 1.2 and 1.4 petrols are getting a little long in the tooth (the 1.2 going back to the first gen Clio in 8 valve form), but in their latest guise of 1.2 and 1.4 turbo models are still quite competitive with other engines (such as VWs small capacity light turbo petrols) and getting much better reviews than small Mercedes engines. I would have thought a comprehensive overhaul of Renault's existing 1.2 and 1.4 turbo engines would be better than Mercedes attempting to design engines which traditionally they have been weak at, especially when Renault have a proven record of producing resonable supermini and small hatchback size engines.

It's not that straightforward...the engines used by Merc in the A- and B-Classes rarely see any developments at all; in fact, I think it's been quite a while since they last updated them. The reason is, of course, that these engines can be used only in these two models (due to their unique 'sandwich' structure), which means development costs are quite high since they are not spread out over a large number of models.

On the other hand, the petrol engines used by Renault are used in plenty of models and are sold in greater numbers, which means development costs are far less and hence get updated more often. (In fact, using the same arguments, Mercs V6s and V8s are used in nearly every model and so can afford comparatively large investments, which is why they're so good).