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Speed camera catches 5500 motorists in five weeks - and it's still got a fortnight to run

A speed camera installed during roadworks on the M6 has caught more than 5500 speeding motorists in just five weeks.

The camera, sited between junctions 43 and 44 of the M6 Carlisle and installed to protect workers during road repairs, is said to have brought in over £160,000 in fines so far - and it still has another two weeks to run.

Kevin Tea, manager of Cumbria Safety Cameras, said, "In seven years working on the safety partnership in Cumbria, never have I seen a camera generate so many tickets.

"I can't offer an explanation for it. I can't understand why people haven't seen the signs and are continuing to speed."

Only those motorists who were caught at more than 60mph in the 50mph zone are likely to be fined - but that could still mean almost 3000 motorists facing penalties.

Clare Armstrong from anti-speed camera group Safe Speed said, "We're pretty disgusted. It's obviously got nothing to do with road safety.

"The fact that it's raising so much revenue will add to the police/public divide and continue to make people believe it's just about making money. You don't measure safe driving in miles per hour."

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Lesia44 15 March 2010

Re: M6 camera hits big numbers

Stephen Guckel wrote:

Lesia44 wrote:
Eh? I clearly state it's not cameras. Doesn't matter how many time you say they do, they don't.

You did, but that's not important, but you have. The fact you haven't seen it, only acts against you. Which many of us who drive with a professional mentality, rather than being a professional driver, find almost amusing. Don't we chaps...?

The important thing is you, by your posts have displayed you lack of consideration for other road users, like bikers.

I find it ironic that you disagree with fuzzybear for different reasons, but both of you display the same disregard for other road users and have a similar over confident display of your own skills. This is underlined by highlighting the shortfalls of others.

Now, by admitting this what are you both going to do about it?

Wait don't bother. You've both displayed, by your posts, a weakness of personality to deal with problems you both obviously have.

May I suggest you both contact a professional. Certainly, you have both posted the most damning posts I have ever seen since 2003.

You deserve one another.

Oh dear, what happened? Did you run out of reason and have to resort to insult. By the way, how do you divine any of that from my posts?

Dan McNeil v2 13 March 2010

Re: M6 camera hits big numbers

Peter Cavellini wrote:
I spose then none of you have the correct solution speed cameras?, a sensible one that is.
Yes. One Martini and olive every 5 hours. And a big cigar.

Peter Cavellini 13 March 2010

Re: M6 camera hits big numbers

I spose then none of you have the correct solution speed cameras?, a sensible one that is.