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M25 speed cameras will go digital from February 15th
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7 February 2008

The Highways Agency has confirmed rumours that speed cameras located along the most western stretch of the M25 are to go digital on February 15.The cameras currently in place are run off film, meaning that they can only take a limited number of pictures before the film runs out and the camera stops working. Converting them to digital allows as many photos as necessary to be stored.The Highways Agency is also planning to alter road markings on the motorway to give a more accurate basis for speed readings, and will reduce the speed at which the cameras are triggered from 90mph to 79mph, when the variable speed limit on the road is 70mph.


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Shadows 20 May 2014

Re: M25 Speed cameras to go digital.

In my humble opinion, speed limit on UK motor ways should be reduced to 25mph.

I travel on m25 almost every weekday for the last 3 yrs. During the rush hours, most of the days, the traffic moves at a speed of around 40mph to 0. Still our law abiding drivers cant stop their vehicles before hitting somebody else. ( I see two or three accidents everyday on m25.) Or the government should bring back horse carts back on the UK roads. The horses know to stop the cart before hitting anywhere. They are better than those who drives at 40mph and hit others.

And what surprises me is, according to law it is perfectly okay to hit others if you drive within the speed limits. Recently an old lady living near my house was hit by a driver driving at 30mph. She got a broken back and is now bedridden. Needless to say the driver was not charged (with attempted manslaughter). It is like saying, "It is okay to stab somebody with a knife because it is small, but it is against law if you stab the same person with a sword because it is long".

All I can say is, I neither want to be killed when somebody hits me at 30mph nor do I want to be killed when somebody hits me at 130 or 180mph.

In my humble opinion, those who drives at 40mph and cannot stop before hitting others are extremely dangerous drivers and should be banned from UK roads.

Funny laws... Is nt it???

KartKidChun 2 February 2010

Re: M25 speed cameras to go digital

So the idea is to book more drivers? Great just what we need. Even tighter enforcement of a stupid law. Keeping to speed limit to just 70 won't even help with safety! It would need to be 30 and even so barely any percentage of crashes are put down to speed.

This is just the government pressing the Highways Agency to come up with more ways of making them money.

DBR9 2 February 2010

Re: M25 speed cameras to go digital

Dan McNeil v2 wrote:
Posts such as yours provide perfect ammunition for politicians wanting to reduce speed limits

Good. Reduce the speed limits even further, watch the number of accidents go up (as has started happening ever since we have had an over-reliance on speed cameras).

Maybe then this godforsaken country will finally come to its senses and realise that speed doesn't kill, it's inattention that kills. And anything that takes your eyes and concentration off the road unnecessarily is more dangerous than exceeding a random number written on a board.

And are you seriously expecting us to believe you NEVER check your speed when going through a camera? With zero tolerance (which is happening in some places) 2-3 MPH can be enough for points & a fine. If you don't check your speed, I'm sorry, but you must either be a fool or a liar...

Oh, and as for your dig about competent drivers - I drive 50,000 miles a year all over country with no convictions...

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