Currently reading: Infiniti 'plans its own M division'
Firm set to show off new performance models at Pebble Beach

Infiniti is poised to announce a new performance division to rival BMW’s M department and Mercedes’ AMG unit.

The firm has trademarked the names ‘Infiniti Performance Line’ and ‘IPL’ with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the application, the trademark is also said to cover “high-performance motor vehicle parts”, including turbochargers, suspension and braking systems and interior equipment including sports seats.

An Infiniti spokesman didn’t comment on the reports, but did say the firm would be revealing additions to its G saloon and G coupe ranges at Pebble Beach this summer, although these are not believed to be destined for Europe.

Ben Poore, vice president of Infiniti’s business unit, said earlier this month that the firm would reveal a performance-orientated model in the summer, but refused to elaborate any further.

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PHILBY 27 May 2010

Re: Infiniti 'plans its own M division'

The only thing that i really dislike about infiniti is the name "infiniti" it is horrid i think. As for the high performance division it's a very welcome addition since bmw's m-division has lost the plot, lexus didn't develop the is-f idea to a whole range, only amg seems to be a credible opponent and since they merged things are looking pretty strong.

I would be very happy to own a let's say an "infiniti g37 ipl" but i would be so embarassed to pronounce it...

Straight Six Man 27 May 2010

Re: Infiniti 'plans its own M division'

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Well firstly in needs too get an identity instead of copying BMW and Mercedes,secondly, if their cars are so good, why did it take them so long to invade our shores with this Americanised smoos-mobile?,it's a horrible looking car as in Sangyong Musso ugly, it may well be a good drive, but you wouldn't think it to look at it, would you?

What are you talking about?! The current big Infiniti four-door fastback coupé saloon thingy is a thing of real beauty... and the Musso was a nice-looking car, too!

EA666 27 May 2010

Re: Infiniti 'plans its own M division'

Peter Cavellini wrote:
it's a horrible looking car as in Sangyong Musso ugly

when the porsche cayenne surfaced it was ugly, but over time things grown on us! as did the BMW 6 & 7.