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High-revving hot hatch will disappear from UK price lists in December due to emission regs
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13 August 2010

UK production of the Honda Civic Type R will end in October because its high-revving 2.0-litre VTEC engine has fallen foul of European emission regulations.

The Civic Type R’s 2.0-litre unit doesn’t comply with forthcoming EuroV emission laws, so Honda has decided to remove it from UK price lists rather than make the necessary changes. More than 12,000 Civic Type R units have been sold in the UK since January 2007.

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The three-door Civic Type R is built in Swindon, and although UK and European production is ending, the plant will still produce the hot hatch for markets further afield, such as Australia and South Africa.

The Civic itself is due to be replaced late next year and the new model is reported to be lighter and more economical than the car it replaces, in line with Honda’s new strategy.

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Sales of the Civic Type R will carry on in the UK until December and the firm is offering £2230 off a Civic Type R GT model as part of a run-out offer. Finance offers are also available on other Civic Type Rs.

To celebrate the Civic Type R in the UK, Honda is holding a special get together of Type R models at the Silverstone round of the BTCC later this month.

There will be a Type R car park and there will be a special Type R ‘Lap of Honour’ during the race weekend.

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10 August 2010

Honda have to be the most disappointing of the big car manufacturers. The only car enthusiasts will now have the chance to buy from Honda is the CR-Z a lame hybrid, Nissan and Toyota now have a better reputation than Honda for drivers cars. Pulling out of F1 and canning the NSX has made them an irrelevance.

10 August 2010

All I can say is that when the new Civic arrives it'd better have a type R, otherwise Honda will be dead to me. What happened to Honda making very decent, very reliable mainstream cars with an upper range for us all to lust after? Anyone remember when we had the Accord Type R, Civic VTI, Prelude VTI, S2000 and NSX. I'm pretty sure in 2000 all of those were available at the same time, as well as mainstream Hondas that drove as well as (Civic) or better than (Accord) the competition, were extremely well built and created a massive fan base for Honda. Now there's the Jazz (too unrefined), Civic (no engine choice I'd want, looks polarising, ride too hard), Accord (ugly, huge, what happened to the lovely last-gen?!) and a CRV that looks like it was beaten with the ugly stick until it set itself on fire, before being stamped out by someone with irregularly shaped shoes...

Rant over, for now, bah!

10 August 2010

indeed! what a disaster the Civic Type R has always been the only worthwhile model in Hondas line up for me Sad Times!

10 August 2010

Perhaps they think if they quietly pull the current one now, by the time the next Civic R comes along people won't notice its slower than the last, which was slower than the last one also.

Funnily enough last year my Honda dealer was like a ghost town, jungle vines had grown up around the service ramps. Of late its absolutely buzzing in there, over a two week waiting list for a service slot, any time you walk in someone is being handed their car and the sales desks are full of customers talking deals. Honda may not be sporting any more which is a shame, but post recession jitter, the grey pound is out in force and buying.

10 August 2010

[quote theonlydt]Anyone remember when we had the Accord Type R, Civic VTI, Prelude VTI, S2000 and NSX. [/quote]

Not to mention the Integra Type R - the one car I regret not buying while I had the chance.

Agree with many of the other sentiments here. The Accord Estate is the only good looking car left in the range. IMHO.

10 August 2010

[quote The Apprentice]Of late its absolutely buzzing in there, over a two week waiting list for a service slot, any time you walk in someone is being handed their car and the sales desks are full of customers talking deals.[/quote]

My next door neighbour just replaced his old CR-V with a newer one, he had looked at other manufacturers, but went back to Honda. When he told me the amount of money he was offered in part-ex on top of the deal for taking the car, my jaw hit the floor. The dealer was in Kent and didn't even want to see his PX, just offered him 5k over the phone. Maybe they've channelled all their F1 budget into variable marketting.

10 August 2010

Ah that is indeed a saddening and disappointing news item.

I have been a long term Honda fan, from a CRX Vtec in my younger days, Prelude through to an NSX.

Honda's prowess in engine technology was (and I am sure still is) a marvel. Being utterly ignorant of the costs of adaption it is hard to comment on the enormity of changes required, but one would have thought if anyone can, Honda can. Sales volumes of course predicating.

The Type R Civic is stuff of legends and I guess it is now all down to Ford and Renault (Citroen DS?) to uphold the fight.

A sad moment I fear...

...but I hope they will be back in the melee soon. I am sure the CR-Z is paving the way for some exciting possibilities.

10 August 2010

Forget hyundai/Kia I think Proton has a more exciting line up than Honda. This used to be an engineering driven company, but now, I dont know what to say.

10 August 2010

[quote phillio3]Pulling out of F1 and canning the NSX has made them an irrelevance.

I am not really sure what F1 has got to do with anything. Most people don't watch F1 because it is completely dull, therefore there isn't a massive marketing benefit compared to the initial outlay. I would suggest that not being in F1 is a good thing for car manufacturers as they don't have to waste all of their money funding cars going round in a circle for two hours every weekend ;-).

I am not sure if this is good business from Honda, but if you can't make the returns on the investment, there really is no point in making the car anymore. I would image the engine would be far less powerful under the new emissions requirements too.

10 August 2010

I dont think there is any indication of the new civic not having a type R model. its just the existing 2.0 engine will no longer be used. i think mayabe a new type R will share the same engine as the mugen CRZ. i think it will be a hybrid type R. just me guessing though.


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