Protesters against rising fuel prices plan to prevent PM getting to work
11 December 2007

Fuel price protesters plan to bring traffic to a standstill around Parliament Square in Westminster tomorrow (12 December).Autocar has learned that the drivers of as many as 20 articulated lorries intend form a slow-moving convoy around the gyratory system outside the Houses of Parliament. They will attempt to gridlock the area, delaying Gordon Brown on his way to Prime Minister’s Questions mid-morning. Protesters believe the late arrival of Brown for PMQ’s will force MPs to focus on rising fuel prices.

Leading the go-slow

Self-styled militant motorist Captain Gatso is leading the protest, and said his group was committed to maximising disruption, and forcing PM Brown to walk to Parliament.He believes the Government’s National Public Order Intelligence Unit is monitoring plans for the protest and intends to prevent any action.The protest will come just three days before farmers and hauliers from Transaction 2007 are due to start a network of fuel protests outside fuel refineries and storage depots countrywide.

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11 December 2007

Good luck to 'em I say, mind you that's only if it doesn't affect my drive to work.

If it does I'll be calling them all sorts of C***

11 December 2007

There's a tunnel linking Downing Street and the Palace of Westminster so Gordon won't be late for PMQs.

11 December 2007

I agree action needs to be taken against the set of sharks mascarading as government, however it needs to be sustained for lengthy periods to make the country wake up and smell the coffee to what this lot are doing to our freedom. It's very easy to tax the vast majority in order to line the treasury coffers, but what are the viable alternatives to getting to work, getting food to the shelves etc.

Trians? too expensive, unreliable.

Taxi's? it's a car, may as well take your own! why take one when your car is sat on your drive and your paying for the depreciation, insurance, tax etc. as well as the taxi fair.

Canals? not enough of them.

Buses? too many operators working too few routes!

Trams? working mainly town centres!

12 December 2007

As dull as it sounds - I'll be exercising my opinion on polling day. There is no other way to do it in my opinion.

12 December 2007

Jon there are more options that you think. Im very conscious im turning into some sort of cycling zealot but more people could definately bike to work. I bike 5 miles in and one of my mates bikes almost 10 miles. But i know its not for everyone.

Trams would work well if they were done correctly, and for people living in city centres. If you have ever visited amsterdam for reasons other than buying xxx and smoking the s**t, you may have noticed the incredible public transport network they have. Trams come every few minutes, theyre clean, and because there are so many of them they arnt overloaded with people.

Trains are the same. Not enough of them, too crowded and too expensive. Its £19 for a return ticket to manchester from where i live. Its about 20 miles. If i worked there and commuted daily that would be £100 a week.

12 December 2007

Matthew, Bikes are a good way of getting around, and I have one that I use when I know I will be in the office all day, but my job entails plenty of last minute and prearranged visits to customers not within cycling distance.

Your right about learning from other countries. I took my family on holiday to Menorca this year. All the buses were new, clean, efficient, with a huge automatic opening door the full length between the wheels that was used for peoples shopping, prams etc. therefore keeping the aisles clean and uncluttered. I mentioned to my wife this system just would not work in the UK. Too many people would be getting off to find their belongings had been nicked by some bystander or no mark who had travelled on your bus and took a shine to your new pram!

Education,discipline and correct upbringing are what is required before we can even think of such systems.

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