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First on the road pre-production test took place on Tuesday

GM has tested the first pre-production Chevrolet Volt for the first time on US roads, almost two weeks ahead of schedule.

The firm had aimed to test the Volt on 4 July, but Tuesday’s test has moved the project ahead of schedule and more test drives are now taking place.

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GM currently aims to have the Volt in showrooms by November 2010. Its complex powertrain is set to undergo extensive pre-production tests to ensure all problems are ironed out before it goes on sale.

Andrew Farah, the Volt’s chief engineer, said: “By exceeding our own pre-production deadlines, it allows us additional time to refine the vehicle.”

The Volt can reportedly has a 40 mile range on battery power alone. When this charge runs out, a petrol range-extender engine keeps the car moving.

In the UK it will be badged as a Vauxhall Ampera, and should go on sale here in 2011.

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