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Sales of PAG brands has allowed Ford to become more creative with its designs, says design boss

Ford’s design chief believes the design of the firm’s cars has become a lot more “creative” after it sold off many of its Premier Automotive Group (PAG) brands.

J Mays, Ford’s group vice president for design and its chief creative officer, said the sale of former PAG brands Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo and Aston Martin had improved Ford’s designs and allowed it to pursue its ‘kinetic’ design language.

Referring to having to oversee the designs of several different marques, Mays said: “It was like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. I would get to one end and the other end would already start rusting, so I’d run back and start going again.

“I was an inch deep and a mile wide. I would go from one review to the next, and then start the whole thing over again.”

Since dismantling PAG, Ford has pursued a global vehicle strategy, something Mays believes has been beneficial to the Ford’s designs.

“There’s a huge array of creativity afforded to our design team,” he said. “Kinetic design applies to both exteriors and interiors, but there’s a framework that keeps them inside of the brand parameters.”

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Andrew Lee 2 June 2010

Re: Ford design is more "creative"

J Mays always did talk out of his ar*e (which is unfair to ar*es). He dumbed down New Edge design, which produced the first Focus and Ka. He was resposible for the bland Mondeo Mark 2 and previous Fiesta. And if he couldn't cope with overseeing so many marques, why wasn't someone else given the job?!

As for increased "creativity", I would say the jury is still out. But with the new Ka, 'refreshed' Galaxy and the next Focus/C-Max, it looks as though 'kinetic' design might be dumbing down as well.

Curmudgeon 26 May 2010

Re: Ford design is more "creative"

Exec speak. I guess it sounds better than 'we couldn't cope.'

Mart_J 26 May 2010

Re: Ford design is more "creative"

Citytiger wrote:
Flyingscud wrote:
It's when the Euro-cars are adapted to the US market that the wheels fall off. The US Escort is a poor translation of is cousin and their 4x4s are dreadful. We should be thankful that we Europeans don't get the Mercury Milan (see , I am sure its great as a hybrid, but man, is it ugly!
The Mercury Milan looks like a last gen Mondeo saloon with a nose and tail lift carried out by an a person who clearly hasn't got a clue about car design
That's what Mercurys are, fukked up euro Fords. They're designed to stage off the Jap and Korean comp but failed miserably, so now sold on price and 'perceived' euro-quality which quite frankly could range from Audi to Dacia... GM tried the same thing with remodelled Astras and Vectras and failed miserably. Then they got rid of Saturn. the Americans don't do European in a big way. My uncle in the 80s was the only one with a Pug 505 Turbo in South Carolina. "Whar d'yar wone one o' hose forayn thayngs foor?" was a regular comment I believe. And it was $50k too o a hefty sum. Fab car though. ps - I know the person who worked on the nose job for the Milan but won't tell.