Ford offers 182bhp upgrade for Fiesta ST
9 January 2008

Ford's RS tuning firm has teamed up with Mountune Performance, a motorsport company owned by Roush, to offer two stages of tuning kit for the Fiesta ST.The Stage 1 kit costs £1,435 with fitting an additional cost, and includes new air-induction and exhaust, and an engine tweak to the 2.0-litre Duratec engine to produce 162bhp. Stage 2 costs £1,838 (also excluding fitting), and comes with the same upgrades as the basic pack plus new camshafts and valve springs, with power boosted to 182bhp.Both kits can be retro-fitted at certain Ford dealership, come with a minimum 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, and do not affect the car's standard manufacturer warranty. Ford will be hoping the new tuning packs will boost interest in the Fiesta ST before it is replaced with the new Fiesta, due to go on sale in 2009. You can also expect to see more of the Mountune tuning packs on other Ford models throughout 2008. We'll take a 250bhp Focus ST, thanks.

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Ford Fiesta
Fiestas sold in Europe are ostensibly the same as those sold in America and Asia

The seventh-generation Ford Fiesta is the UK's best selling car, helped by frugal engines, handling verve and a big car feel

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11 January 2008

The fiesta st has needed this since day one. The standard car is barely faster than my lowly 1.7. Expensive for what it is though. Why not make the standard car this fast from scratch? The engine is obviously capable without putting strain on it otherwise they wouldnt stand by the warrenty.

11 January 2008

This sort of thing annoys the hell out of me. Manufacturers er on the side of caution then spend the rest of the time playing catch up when another manufacturer puts out a model with twice the power.

13 January 2008

The ST was always down on power compared to the like of the Clio and mini. ALways wondered why they never used the ST170 engine in it, even if it was just for the headline figure.

13 January 2008

Having drive an FST for hundreds of miles, I have to conlude, that yes, it could do with more power, but at the same time the depth of talent in the chassis more than makes up for it. I live in London and surroundings, and the most used part of the FST was the 140 lb/ft of torque, although it really could do with it @3000rpm.

But I think for the next FST, should be the 2.5T five cylinder engine with a reduced 210bhp and something like 225 lb/ft...

13 January 2008

Why is there this obsession with power? I agree with Aston Parkes to a point.

A well sorted car, unless driven in a straight line, will always win out over power. It will allow the driver to express him/herself and reward accurate inputs with smooth and steady progress.

Presumably with regard to power, there is a finite point that this 'virtue' can be developed too. When do physics take over? Seems to me to be a moot point with front wheel drive cars. And if you need an ECU to 'dip' the power at certain points, then what is the point?

Let's not even get into the lack of ability that 90% of motorists have to manage and administer that power.

13 January 2008

All you need to do is look at the very first Mondeos - their handling more than made up for the lack of power in most versions.

My last car had 200bhp which was about 200bhp too much going through the front wheels not to mention 220lbft of torque which I am under no illusions was the result of the auto box's ultimate demise!

14 January 2008

I understand the point being made about well sorted cars, even if they are down on power being great to drive, but look at the competition. The Clio started with 172 and is a great handling car.

Ford, having made the Fiesta a good handler, should have known the chassis could take more from the off, but they shot themselves in the foot before they got out of the blocks.

15 January 2008

[quote Jon Hardcastle]Ford, having made the Fiesta a good handler, should have known the chassis could take more from the off, but they shot themselves in the foot before they got out of the blocks.[/quote]

I couldnt agree more. The ST should be more worthy of its badge. If they can whack a turbo on the corsa whats stopping ford from doing the same? The old Zetec S was a great warm hatch, one of the best of the its generation, but that was 5,6 years ago, and the game has been raised considerably since then.

15 January 2008

Anyone driven the first 205GTi with 105 brake?

Was there ever a more sublime car to drive that was affordable? It's about execution of concept, the Fiesta will be quieter, more powerful and safer but is it any quicker in the real world?

Suspect not.

I drove my sister's Mk1 Golf GTi recently and hung onto the back of a messily driven Boxster cross country without any real drama. Sure, he left me on the straights because I kept to the limit but I caught him up in the bends much to his obvious annoyance.

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