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Autocar spends the day with a selection of secondhand Ferraris

Autocar recently went to Rockingham to see (and drive) a selection of secondhand Ferraris from the company’s approved used range, and now we have a hi-res gallery of what is on offer.

Ferrari Approved is being rolled out across Europe and each car must be no more than nine years old, have less than 56,000 miles on the clock, not be modified in any way and have an unblemished service history.

See the Ferrari Approved range in hi-res pictures

Pick of the bunch for us was a beautiful 2005 575M Maranello with 14,000 miles on the clock, perfect Nero Daytona paintwork and Crema leather interior. The price? Yours for £69,850.

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ronmcdonald 17 October 2009

Re: Ferrari Approved in pics

I also detest this type of journalism however if you'll let me accompany you next time an event such as this takes place, then I'm willing to change my mind.

ThePlumsofWrath 17 October 2009

Re: Ferrari Approved in pics

It does seem like an advert for used approved Ferrari's but Autocar says it doesn't do that so I guess we're not allowed to say that. An 8 year old 355 bought privately with limited antecedence would be more of a story and more representative of less wealthy types trying to put a boyhood dream to bed, that would be worth reading rather than a jolly boys outing to Rockingham.

I'd like to see a piece on a 288GTO, the most delicious of Ferrari's produced in the last 30 years IMO.

I personally destest this kind of journalism, if you can call it that.

Iceman Cometh 17 October 2009

Re: Ferrari Approved in pics

This is a publicity drive for Ferrari used cars and a non-story. A slightly used F430 is not a used car in the true sense considering it'll likely have less than 10,000 miles on it. Same as the 575 that Autocar pick as their favourite.

This is therefore another Autocar-at-the-beck-and-call-of-the-manufacturers story and a wasted opportunity.

What would have been of more interest is to look at the 308s, 328s Testarossas, 456GTs etc that are now within reach of us mere mortals and then to consider if they are a realistic prospect of ownership for us from a running costs and reliability perspective.

If a £68k 575 is cheap to run and unreliable I'll eat my hat. Silly story. Uninteresting. Nice pictures though. Hope you didn't have to pay too much to attend the event.