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Autodelta shows off upgraded versions of the 159 and Brera

Autodelta has launched bespoke versions of two Alfa Romeo models at the MPH09 motor show in London.

The firm makes bespoke, tuned versions of Alfa Romeos from its London Park Royal headquarters and it has created 159 and Brera models for display at the MPH09, which is also known as the Prestige and Performance car show.

See the pics of Autodelta's new Alfa Romeos

The Autodelta J4 3.2 C is based on the 159 and features a range of styling and performance upgrades over the standard model. Its 3.2-litre V6 engine has been tweaked to produce 347bhp, although it hasn’t released new performance figures.

Intensive R&D work has been carried out to improve the chassis and develop a smooth, yet sporty ride. The ECU has been remapped, while modifications have also been made to the brakes and suspension.

Autodelta’s changes to the Brera S build on the weight loss and power upgrade package already available from Prodrive. The British firm managed to shed 100kg from the bulky Brera, and Autodelta has added its own supercharger and intercooler to improve performance from the 347bhp V6 engine. These upgrades also feature on the 159.

The Autodelta Brera S 3.2 ‘Compressore' also boasts a new limited-slip differential to improve in-gear performance and boost traction. Prodrive’s track suspension set-up has also been replaced by a custom Autodelta Sportline suspension, which it claims blends track and road qualities.

No prices or on sale dates have been revealed by the firm.

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Peter Cavellini 7 November 2009

Re: Bespoke Alfas revealed

Never thought of it that way 4rephill, but i suppose if your good at spannering why not!

4rephill 7 November 2009

Re: Bespoke Alfas revealed

Vidge 123 wrote:

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Now if they could only make us all believe that reliabilty is much improved they might have a product that people would want to buy again!, i'm sorry but that's STILL the percieved idea about Alfa's,don't get me wrong the Alfa GT is bite the back of your hand gorgeous,but i still wouldn't take the chance.

or the depreciation!

Changing peoples perceptions is the hardest trick in the book for any manufacturer (look at Skoda, despite everything they have done to improve their quality, there are still people who can't see beyond the badge).

As for the depreciation, no!, don't let that change!. Secondhand Alfa's are bargains compared to other makes.

Just three things to note Alfa Romeo:

Rear wheel drive, rear wheel drive and rear wheel drive.

Oh!, just thought of a fourth thing: REAR WHEEL DRIVE!

Ruined 6 November 2009

Re: Bespoke Alfas revealed

Why couldn't Alfa have done this ages ago? And what ever happened to the 159 GTA?