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Land Rover's tie-in with Victoria Beckham has still not been defined

Land Rover’s tie-in with Victoria Beckham is still being defined, according to well placed sources.

The former pop star is due to meet with the firm in the next few weeks to decide what role she’ll play in the Evoque programme.

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Victoria Beckham was present at the launch of the Evoque which took place at Kensington Palace in London and Land Rover announced that she was part of the ‘design team’.

Land Rover sources revealed at the time that the company wants to vastly increase its appeal to female customers and is aiming for a 50/50 split between male and female buyers.

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It’s thought that the former Spice Girl’s deal will add up to around 28 days of Land Rover consultancy per year, and that the idea of a collaboration was instigated by her, not Land Rover.

The Evoque will be built at Jaguar Land Rover’s Halewood plant on Merseyside with 80 per cent of production destined for export. A five-door variant of the car is also under development.

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redjag27 12 October 2010

Re: Beckham's LR role to be defined

Quite why LR are using this idiot is beyond me. NO: she can't sing, she can't dance, she can't design and her success is founded on an inane pop group and her husband's name!!! She wouldn't know one end of a car from the other. Luckily, I am not in the market for an Evoque, my preference is the Range Rover ( not the Sport ). I wouldn't be seen dead in anything endorsed by her. I'm not into "street-cred" but, if I was, driving an Evoque would now be a certain way to commit 'Street-cred suicide".

Let her woo her stupid fans and sychophants and leave things requiring brains to those who actually have them!!!

redjag27 12 October 2010

Re: Beckham's LR role to be defined

paddyb wrote:

LR designer 1: "We don't really know how to design cars, do we?"

LR designer 2: "No we don't. What are we going to do?"

LR designer 1: "We could ask Victoria Beckham for advice."

LR designer 2: "Great idea. Let's do that."


While I agree with the sentiment, you cannot accuse land Rover of bad design qualities. That is ludicrous! Their products are FAR SUPERIOR to ALL other 4x4's, in performance, luxury, ability and looks. The fact that they choose an air-head to "help" ( I use the word guardedly )does not take away the FACT that they make exceptional cars.

marj 14 September 2010

Re: Beckham's LR role to be defined

curious insider wrote:
..what makes you think she actually designs anything? you think she really sits there sketching out clothing ideas? I suspect there's a rather large team of talented fashion designers who present her with "her ideas" for approval. Nice work if you can get it.
Now, now.....