We watched - we rugby players, supermodels, Corrie stars and hacks - from the steps of the Kensington Palace Orangery as the new Range Rover Evoque (nee Land Rover) was craned to earth in a throbbing blue crate, bleeding smoke and accompanied by thunderous music.

But as it descended, it became clear from the buzz in the crowd that there was an even bigger story than this on the go - Land Rover had retained Victoria Beckham (we'd spotted her in the crowd) as a design consultant, and she would be coming to the Gaydon design studio something like 20 days a year to inject her influences.

There was a certain amount of incredulity among the blokes but the women present seemed to think that VB does have some talent: she has been selling clothes under her own label for three years and they're apparently prettty good.

Within a few minutes the car had been unveiled (it looked amazingly similar to the original three-door 2008 concept) and the Evoque name had been announced.

Ms Beckham pronounced herself 'incredibly excited' to be helping them out at Range Rover, which we understand she'll be doing for several years.

Someone said the deal came about after she was approached simply to drive the car a few feet for the launch, but she insisted tht she didn't do trivial things any more.

I found myself uncharitably wondering what Gerry McGovern and co will do if she actually suggests something!

As for the name, I like it, though my mind did fo back to the early '90s when Cadillac used Evoq for one of their concepts. And it suddenly made me wonder whether this is the reason the recent Lotus two-plus-two was called Evora. I happen to know Evoque, or Evoke, was certainly under consideration...