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Jaguar to switch from XJ-based naming scheme to a logical alpha-numeric hierarchy
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1 June 2011

Jaguar is planning to overhaul its badging to a logical alpha-numeric hierarchy in place of the decades-old XJ-based naming scheme.

“If you know us, you understand our badging. Otherwise it’s confusing,” said boss Adrian Hallmark. Expect to see the first changes in the next couple of years.

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Meanwhile, a Jaguar joke doing the rounds at the recent C-X75 press event was the idea of naming the new supercar in the same style as the XJ220, but with a twist.

The ‘220’ was the supercar’s top speed in miles per hour. The C-X75 will have a 205mph top speed. But in kilometres per hour, 205mph translates to XJ330, which sounds a lot faster, even if in reality it isn’t.

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