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Hot new Infiniti models could carry 'Powered by AMG ' badges as part of the Daimler tie-up

Infiniti's hot models could carry ‘Powered by AMG’ badges as part of Nissan’s recent tie-up with the Daimler group, sources in Japan have suggested.

Nissan’s luxury arm is considering all options for the Infiniti Performance Line, from mere styling add-ons to full-blown hot models built on the main production line. But the latter option is said to be more in tune with the brand’s stated ambition to be recognised for its dynamics and performance.

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One powerplant on the shortlist is Mercedes’ forthcoming turbocharged 3.5-litre V6. It would replace Nissan’s venerable 3.7-litre unit in Infiniti’s G range and could be tweaked to produce up to 400bhp.

Sources say the IPL version of the M, Infiniti’s 5-series rival, could end up using AMG’s 6.2-litre V8 — and be priced north of £60,000. That would allow the M IPL to undercut the E63 AMG but rival Jaguar’s XFR on price.

Peter Lyon

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marlofat 28 January 2013

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Peter Cavellini 6 December 2010

Re: 'AMG power for hot Infinitis'

What ever next for AMG?, fridges, micro-waves?.

geed 6 December 2010

Re: 'AMG power for hot Infinitis'

Why on earth would Infiniti use an inferior Mercedes V6? Nissan have long been the masters of the V6 engine and the VQ series of V6 engines which just about goes into everything they produce has long been lauded as the benchmark V6 in the industry. The economies of scale for Nissan/ Infiniti using the VQ so abundantly in their models must be financially very rewarding....they have a massive investment of resource in the VQ engine family. I just cannot see Nissan taking a Merc gasoline 6 cylinder. It makes no sense.

Sorry, I think this is a bored Autocar journalist speculating in the extreme.

Nissan already produce two cracking V8's in the 5.0L (infiniti FX) and the DI 5.6L sold in the M and QX in the states and powering the new generation Nissan Patrol, but Mercedes do have far more experience with the V8 configuration. What I see ahead is joint venture development of V8 and V6 families or Daimler leading the V8 family and Nissan taking the reins of the V6 engine family. Saying that what Nissan really want is Mercedes Diesel engines (they are after a large capacity diesel for their Nissan Patrol) and Mercedes want Nissan/Renault small capacity I4's. I think this is the far more important and pressing engine sharing exercise that we will see before any large capacity deal is worked out.....As for AMG powered Infinitis - Infiniti will should be developing their brand as a unique alternative. Shoehorning another brands engine into their line up (especially as their flagship model) will be viewed widely as a 'cop out' in my opinion. I also think Mercedes will be very protective of their AMG brand,,,,and rightly so.