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Highways Agency announces road widening and hard-shoulder running schemes

Road widening and hard-shoulder running have been earmarked as the best ways of easing congestion on motorways, as part of a £6 billion investment by the Highways Agency.

Plans announced include widening the M25 between junctions 16-23 and 27-30.

Following trials, hard-shoulder running will be implemented on the M6 between junctions 8-10a, the M1 between junctions 10-13 and on the M4 between 19-20.

All the work will begin this year.

The Highways Agency has also confirmed that construction will begin on the A46 Newark to Widmerpool road. The £400 million of work will begin this April, three years ahead of schedule.

Work scheduled for 2009-2010 includes spending £68m on the A1 between Bramham and Wetherby, and £84m on the A1 from Peterborough to Blyth junction.

The running of 63 miles of the M25 will also be privatised.

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