Currently reading: 1911 Oldsmobile sells for £811,000
It might not look like a million bucks, but this untouched Oldsmobile is worth much more

A 1911 Oldsmobile Limited seven-seat Touring has sold at RM Auctions in America for £811,000 ($1,650,000). The 60bhp Oldsmobile's true value is its original condition. The car has had only three owners, and has spent the past 50 years in storage and on display in a museum, which is how it has remained completely untouched for nearly 97 years. Even the tyres are the original set, hence the shredded state. The next question is whether the new owner will restore the car completely or keep it in the aged condition that makes it so unique. Either decision would be understandable, but if it were our choice we wouldn't be changing a thing.

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