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Honda unveils radical Kei car concept which is likely to lead a Beat revival
Andrew Frankel Autocar
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20 November 2013

The Honda S660 concept car has been revealed at the Tokyo motor show.

The spiritual successor to the cult Honda Beat will make it into production next year - powered by a mid-mounted 660cc three cylinder turbo engine allied to a seven speed paddle shift transmission.

Rumours also persist that the S660 is capable of accepting Honda’s newly announced three cylinder 1-litre turbo engine, currently generating around 105bhp and heading this way in the 2015 Honda Jazz. The engine is believed to be in a modest state of tune, raising the possibility of a more powerful variant being used should the decision be made to export the S660. 

However, the S660 has been conceived as a Kei car, designed to fit within strict domestic size limits, and not officially intended for sale outside Japan. Kei cars are exempt from crash test procedures that would prohibit their sale in Europe and the US.

Senior designer Ryo Sugiura said: "I cannot tell you if it will or will not. It’s a secret. The car would certainly need some re-engineering". 

Described by Honda as 'an open-top sports-type mini-vehicle', the S660 is also the spiritual successor to the manufacturer's original S600 sports car of the 1960s.

The Tokyo concept uses an automatic transmission with paddle shifts mounted on the steering wheel.

Honda recently confirmed it would be bringing the Beat roadster back for the modern age, while a reveal for any such model at the Tokyo show was also discussed. Daihatsu is also planning a return for its Copen sports car.

The original Beat was built between 1991 and 1996 and is said to have been one of the influences behind the MGF.

Honda has also shown its NSX concept, a new Urban SUV concept, and a personal mobility vehicle named Uni-Cub as well as a plug-in hybrid version of the Accord.

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23 October 2013

A hansome little car, not sure at 6ft 1 and 17.5st its a car for me though!! I might need one for each foot!

Much better looking than the Copen!

23 October 2013

Who else fancies a tiny updated fastback? One which honours the original but brings the styling more up to date albeit in a retro idiom similar to Audi's first TT or the showstopping Boxster concept.

23 October 2013

Want want want!

23 October 2013

...and for once the interior looks as good as the outside.
I want one too!

23 October 2013

If it comes with a larger engine for the European market, I think this could be a big seller - looks brilliant!

23 October 2013

I'd have one in a flash. Always wanted a Beat, but it didn't fit with my lifestyle (or income) when it was out. This would be great as a 2nd car or weekend run-a-bout.
All that's required now is a replacement for the S2000 and Honda will have 3 options for Honda fans, or enthusiasts for that matter who want more from driving than a run-of-the-mill Jazz, Civic or Accord can offer.

23 October 2013

Dear Honda ... PLEASE! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!!! BUILD THIS CAR!!!!!! ...

23 October 2013

Hopefully Honda will make sure to produce a Coupe variant this time alongside the Convertible as well as a bigger engine for outside markets if necessary even if it is an uprated or bored out version of the existing 660cc engine.

Additionally, however tempting it might be for Honda, there should be no compromises like a Coupe Convertible (e.g. Daihatsu Copen), Semi-Automatic gearbox instead of a proper Manual (e.g. Smart Roadster) or a Hybrid-only model that would potentially ruin the revived Honda Beat like it did for the Honda CR-Z, which was supposed to be a successor to the Honda CRX.

23 October 2013

To be honest, the current Honda range is a pale shadow of that in the 1990's and early 2000s. Going back to basics with a sports focus would be a good move, especially if Honda's return to F1 is a success. A range comprising of Jazz-Civic-Accord-Prelude-Beat/CRX-S2000-CRV would be a good move, so there is no need to be sidelined with unpopular electric cars, weird grilles and oddball designs.

23 October 2013

Come on Suzuki, jump on the bandwagon.
You owe to all of us who owned and loved the Cappuccino.

Nice looking Honda for a change as well!


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