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Daihatsu's Kei car to make a return, likely to re-start Honda Beat rivalry

Daihatsu has revealed a new Kopen roadster concept at the Tokyo motor show.

Featuring a retractable metal roof, the model measures 3395mm long by 1475mm wide, with a height of 1275mm. Power comes from a 660cc engine mated to a CVT paddle-shift gearbox. That specification means that, like the original, the new Copen conforms to Kei-car rules.

Two versions of the Kopen concept were shown, with the standard car being seen alongside a more rugged version, reportedly dubbed XMZ, which gains extra body cladding for a more rugged appearence.

Previously, Daihatsu sources have confirmed to Autocar that a return of the Copen was planned. The original Copen's rival, the Honda Beat, is also planning to make a return with the S660 concept, which will also be seen in Tokyo. Like the Copen, the revised Beat is also a Kei car, and features a scalable platform which means it could be sold in international markets.

The original Copen was built between 2002 and 2012 and was, unlike the Beat, officially imported into the UK. The concept was officially unveiled at the Tokyo motor show in 1999. The car received several upgrades and updates during its lifetime, including two new trim levels announced in 2005 alongside a new 1.3-litre engine option.

Production of the Copen was halted in August last year, with the final 500 cars produced being sold as limited edition 10th anniversary models. In its original 660cc guise, the Copen produced 66bhp and 74lb ft of torque, with a top speed of 110mph and a 0-62mph sprint time of 11.7 seconds.

Daihatsu also revealed its new FC-Deck and Deca-Deca concepts. The FC-Deck is a fuel-cell powered truck which is 3,395mm long. The firm has also developed a mobile generator which can be fitted to the back of the truck to provide power.

Judging by these photos the Deca-Deca concept appears to share the same platform as the FC-Deck, and reportedly can accomodate a variety of seating patterns.

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optima 1 November 2013

Sell in Toyota dealers

Seeing as Daihatsu is owned by Toyota why could they not be sold in Toyota dealers as a sub brand or even rebadged as a Toyota ?
n50pap 1 November 2013

"Grey Import," anyone?

Daihatsu seemed to withdraw from the UK and European market because the volumes weren't viable. A new Charade was flagged up on Autoexpress's future model column for years, but sadly that just didn't arrive. I knew of one dealership near Dundee, but even that has gone, so a personal import might be the solution for anyone who can't resist a Copen replacement. Even Daihatsu's Sirion model which shared the later Copen model's 1.3 litre engine was looking a bit long-in-the-tooth by the time Daihatsu retreated from the UK. No doubt the cost of setting up a new dealership network would be prohibitive, so "going grey" may be the only solution.
Zeddy 31 October 2013

No Importer

Superstevie: who is going to bring it to the UK? There is no official importer to Europe now so a personal import would be the best you could hope for. Shame really.