Currently reading: Tokyo motor show 2013: Fastest Nissan GT-R ever in development
Nismo is working on an even more extreme GT-R with power and chassis upgrades

The first Nissan GT-R Nismo prototype has begun testing, and is expected to be unveiled at November's Tokyo motor show.

Nissan's executive vice president Andy Palmer confirmed he had driven the prototype in Japan, but declined to reveal technical details beyond saying it will be "the fastest GT-R ever".

The GT-R Nismo is known to have been developed with substantial input from Nissan's Nismo race team, which competes in the Japanese Super GT race series.

"The majority of the exterior changes are aero and downforce related," said Palmer. "The production car record at the Nurburgring is the gold standard, and we expect to lower that."

Although the Nissan Juke Nismo has only been given a minor power upgrade, and future mainstream Nismo products (including the 370Z) are expected to have changes focused on improving handling and cornering prowess, Palmer confirmed the GT-R Nismo will get a power boost over the standard 542bhp.

"There will be an extra kick," said Palmer. "This will be the ultimate GT-R to come out of the factory."

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haz 1 May 2013

Track Pack

Hopefully it will provide a more substantial increase in performance than the Track Pack did, which saved 25kg for £10,000 if my memory serves correctly

And I hope they tweak the exhaust slightly to make the sound a bit different, all stock GTRs so far sound the same (to me)

Peter Cavellini 1 May 2013


May not do 253mph,but 0-60 in 2.7sec?,for well under £100K,as opposed too £1,000,000+, kind of puts it in prespective, doesn't it?

AutoChomp 1 May 2013

Would love to se them go

Would love to se them go extreme like the Z-Tune R34. That was a massive power increase (500bhp+ over *cough cough* 276) plus engine size increase to 2.8. If they went for similar performance percentages it would be epic. Its only going to be limited numbers so why not Smile