Mazda releases Hakaze concept in virtual computer world
16 February 2007

While driving concept cars can give us an impression of the feel of a new model, it's generally more about the atmosphere it creates; what it's like to be in the cabin, its size and proportions.

Ultimately, however, it can't tell us that much about the way a car drives. Regardless of this, Mazda has released its Hakaze concept car into the virtual-reality world of Second Life.

Second Life is a kind of virtual-reality world with dodgy graphics. And now, Second Life users can take a virtual test drive in the Hakaze concept.

That's right - you'll be able to guide a car that doesn't really exist around a world that doesn't exist.

Probably of more interest will be the fact that, like its real-world concept cousin, the virtual-reality Hakaze comes with a kite-surfing board in the back. So you'll be able to ride a virtual kite-surfing board around a virtual world, and never get wet.

If you want to drive the virtual Hakaze, go to, and head for Nagare island. Alternatively, read our first drive of the real Hakaze concept here.

We're going into the real world to get some fresh air.

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