Currently reading: Mitsubishi to double UK sales
An improving exchange rate and new products will drive sales, says Mitsubishi's UK boss
Jim Holder
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23 November 2013

Mitsubishi UK is looking to double sales to 30,000 cars a year in the short-term, in order to build a business that its boss describes as “sustainable”.

After four years of tough sales, Mitsubishi has recorded the largest percentage year-on-year sales growth of any UK car manufacturer this year, with its predicted 16,000 annual sales representing a 40 per cent growth. In September, its sales were 80 per cent up year-on-year.

Speaking at the Tokyo motor show, Mitsubishi UK boss Lance Bradley said the growth had been driven by new products and a favourable exchange rate with Japan, which had allowed him to lower prices, offer better dealer incentives and invest in marketing.

“Our sales are up but our profits aren’t, but that’s because we want to build a sustainable business,” he said. “We’re using this period of growth to invest in dealers, give them a business that they know they can make money from and to grow sales to a point that we have awareness among the public of our core strengths.

"With that, we hope to get to 25,000 to 30,000 annual sales, at which point the business will be profitable and sustainable for everyone.”


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23 November 2013
I prefer the edgier shape of the previous model. The edges are now rounded off and the new Outlander resembles the Australian Ford Territory, which was a good looking vehicle 10 years ago, but now seems a little bland. Mitsubishi need to improve their reliability to match the likes of Honda, Toyota, and Mazda.

23 November 2013
I do too, I preferred the previous look, it is blander now but it is also considerably improved in many other ways. To use a phrase I really dislike but suits it - "it does what it says on the tin" no bling, no gimmicks, just sensible, comfortable all weather transport for up to 7 in a sensible sized vehicle. Its main problem is going to be price its got incredibly expensive and a new Kia Sorrento can do the same for far less.

23 November 2013
They better start making desirable cars then!

23 November 2013
Mitsubishi need to up their choice of vehicles offered in the UK and engine options. My local dealer could not even get me a test drive in the vehicle I was interested in so went to KIA and bought a car from them.

25 November 2013
The problem with Mitsu is they went into panic mode when sales started to dip. First they slapped the Evo nose onto everything they made in hope of the halo effect. When that didn't work they replaced their line up with dull and boring looking cars in the hopes to appeal to the mass market. which again failed. When I was growing up, if you had a Lancer (a non Evo one) or a Galant....that was a cool car. Now, I would be embarrassed to have a Mirage or Outlander

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