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Cadillac's LA motor show concept features a hybrid 1.0-litre engine and scissor doors

Cadillac has revealed its Urban Luxury Concept at the Los Angeles motor show today.

It features a 1.0-litre, three cylinder engine with stop-start and "electric assist technology", while a dry dual-clutch transmission also features. With this, the company estimates fuel economy of up to 78mpg.

See the official pics of the Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept - now updated with LA show pics

Cadillac has used its ‘Art and Science’ design for the ULC, which features a bold front fascia, scissor doors, and 19-inch alloy wheels.

Measuring only 3.8 metres long and 1.7 metres wide, the company has managed to squeeze four seats into the cabin, which are clad in leather. Other interior features include multi-touch switches wood trim, and brushed aluminium touches.

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ou701 18 November 2010

Re: Cadillac's Urban Luxury concept

This has the potential to be a pivotal car in the USA - if it actually makes production in a recognizable form, i.e.,close to the look of this show car (yes, I know the doors won't make production). Right now it's a concept only, but the idea is fundamentally good. If Cadillac can produce a stylish, refined, genuinely luxurious small car, as opposed to another cheap econobox given a makeover, there's a good chance that it might convince more Americans that they don't have to drive something huge and thirsty to get around. The Prius has done well in this regard, especially in becoming popular with the Hollywood crowd. The same group might be keen to "adopt" a small Cadillac, especially if it's stylish, economical, environmentally sound and offers a genuinely impressive driving experience. It's performance isn't going to set the world alight, but for most everyday trips, it doesn't have to. More than anything else though, it needs to be perceived as cool to be ground breaking model. In fact, this could be the first genuinely cool Cadillac since 1959. When we see a small "Caddie" pulling up beside the red carpet at the Oscar's, we'll know they're back on track.

Mr£4worth 17 November 2010

Re: Cadillac's Urban Luxury concept

What a ridiculously steep rake on the front screen, think I'll stick with my Cadillac BLS!

275not599 17 November 2010

Re: Cadillac's Urban Luxury concept

I'm all in favor of a luxury small car providing money is spent on engineering into the car such qualities as an absorbent ride, quietness and smoothness, i.e. not a tarted up hatchback. Spend the money on engineering and materials, not fripperies.