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One-off Vulcano supercar abandons its previous hybrid powertrain in favour of a new 661bhp V8

A new iteration of the Icona Vulcano supercar has made its debut at the Pebble Beach Concours in the US. The Vulcano was initially unveiled at the Shanghai motor show two years ago and has since been seen at events including Salon Privé.

One big change for this latest iteration, dubbed the Vulcano Titanium, is its powertrain. While the car unveiled in 2013 was a hybrid, mating a 790bhp V12 engine with a 160bhp electric motor to give a combined power output of 950bhp, this new version uses 6.2-litre supercharged V8 lifted from the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

While Icona says the enigne is capable of producing over 986bhp if required - matching the power output of McLaren's P1 GTR - its standard configuration is in 661bhp/620lb ft form. With this engine, Icona says the Vulcano is capable of reaching 60mph in 2.8sec and going on to a top speed of 220mph.

Speaking at the Vulcano's European debut at Salon Privé in 2013, the company's design director Samuel Chuffart said Icona was working with investors to offer the concept as a production model to customers, with prices expected to start at around £2.5 million. However, the model is now described as a one-off creation.

The hand-crafted titanium bodywork of the Vulcano takes 1000 hours to put together, says Icona. The car's shape is inspired by the iconic Blackbird SR-71 aircraft.

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Peter Cavellini 17 August 2015


Astons Vulcan has a better resolved rear end,the Vulcano is a bit Hotwheels,something you'd see your Son playing with on the Floor.
Peter Cavellini 4 September 2013

Well to be honest......!

That's one ugly car,if your a car nut you'd call this just plain awful.

fadyady 5 July 2013

Icona Vulcano

I don't have £1.9 million to spend on this car, but the picture certainly looks very dramatic.