Maserati GranCabrio unveiled at Frankfurt; full picture gallery
15 September 2009

This is the Maserati GranTurismo convertible, which was launched today at the Frankfurt motor show.

It will go on sale next March after several years of revisions to the car’s size and mechanical make-up.

The new car, called Maserati GranCabrio, is essentially a GranTurismo minus the roof rather than the shorter car that was originally developed.

See the Maserati GranCabrio picture gallery

That car formed the basis of the Ferrari California, retaining the first Maserati’s folding hard-top. The convertible Maserati now has a fabric roof instead, which will help to compensate for the extra bracing that engineers will have added to retain the car’s stiffness.

That bracing will add weight, and with the GranTurismo S weighing in at 1880kg, the GranCabrio could get very close to two tonnes. As a result it uses the more powerful 4.7-litre V8 from the GranTurismo S, with 433bhp at 7000rpm and 362lb ft at 4750rpm. Maserati’s torque converter automatic gearbox will be available with paddle shifters.

There’s no confirmation of performance from Maserati but expect it to be slightly slower than a GranTurismo S; it should crack 0-60mph in around 5.5sec and a top speed of around 180mph.

It retains the GranTurismo’s four-seat interior and Maserati says it has the longest wheelbase of any convertible on the market. That should help to give it class-leading room for rear passengers.

The GranCabrio completes the three-car Maserati family, and will add volume to the company’s sales, especially in the US, which is a crucial market and likely to be the biggest source of sales of the new convertible.

Exact pricing hasn’t been decided yet, but Maserati sources have told Autocar that it will cost up to 15 per cent more than the GranTurismo, putting the price at around £89,000.

Dan Stevens

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24 August 2009

Four seater convertibles are great, but Maserati cars are crap! :-)

24 August 2009

never mind, you will be back to school soon

24 August 2009

There speaks someone who hasn't driven a Maserati for a long time- if at all.

Having had 2 of the new Quattroportes & currently a GranTurismo over the past 5 years I can confirm thay are relaible, impressive but depreciate like any other high value cars.


24 August 2009

[quote pabs]

never mind, you will be back to school soon


Brilliant! and potentially so true!

On topic, what a pretty car. If i had the means, i would be very tempted.

24 August 2009

[quote pabs]never mind, you will be back to school soon[/quote]

bet his mum will be pleased...she can tidt away his Scalextric.

24 August 2009

Simply stunning. I love the low pointy front. Much prefer this to the Alfa 8C.

24 August 2009


24 August 2009

be alot cheaper than an 8C as well!

24 August 2009

tidt away his Scalextric? The irony. It looks like YOU are the one who needs the schooling, Scalextric?this is 2009 The only people use them are James May and his civil partner.

Let me get this straight to the posters here on their high horses, A school aged user is not entitled to their opinion but you are? let me guess a pot bellied bolding middle aged sales rep in his 1.7L vauxhall oil burner is suddenly the qualified expert critic on £90,000 exotica?

Nice car but this tarted up alfa with a crippled Ferrari engine will disassemble itself the moment you leave the showroom. I would buy the 507PS M6 convertible with more power and somthing called reliability, a word not known to the Italians.

24 August 2009

Nice car but this tarted up alfa with a crippled Ferrari engine will disassemble itself the moment you leave the showroom.

I think this is a bit of an old view - I have not seen a broken down maser or a rough looking one for years.

Some of us like the design, and even if it were slightly unreliable (which I doubt) would be prepared to put up with a few foibles to have something so lovely on the driveway.


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