Reworked Grande Punto gets a new name and innovative new engine
15 September 2009

This is the Fiat Punto Evo, the revised version of the Grande Punto that is displayed at the Frankfurt motor show and will go on sale in the UK next spring.

As well as a mild restyling, the Fiat Punto Evo gets an updated engine range that includes the innovative 1.4-litre petrol Multiair unit.

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The Punto Evo is expected to be the second car in the Fiat empire to be sold with the engine; current schedules mean the Alfa Romeo Mito should just pip the Punto Evo into UK showrooms.

The Multiair system works by allowing direct control of air and combustion in engines, cylinder by cylinder and stroke by stroke, without the use of a conventional throttle.

It saves energy wasted in traditional systems, cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by around 10 per cent over a comparable standard engine, and increasing power by up to 10 per cent and torque by up to 15 per cent.

It can also reduce particulate emissions by up to 40 per cent and NOx emissions by up to 60 per cent. Fiat plans to fit the technology to all its engines in coming years.

Other engines in the range include a new Multijet 1.3-litre diesel, which features a new common-rail injector that reduces consumption by around two per cent and NOx emissions by 30 per cent, plus methane and LPG units that boost the car’s eco credentials but which won’t be on sale in the UK.

Fiat is also fitting stop-start as standard on all its Euro5-compliant petrol and diesel engines.

Fiat says the interior has been completely reworked, while the exterior has been tweaked by the addition of new bumpers and light clusters. The car is slightly longer than before, at 406cm from 403cm. All other dimensions are the same.

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The Punto Evo has seven airbags as standard, including a driver’s kneebag. Options include a hill holder function to make hillstarts easier, and adaptive cornering fog lights that switch on according to the angle of steering.

A new sat-nav system is also available. Called Blue&Me-TomTom, it allows the driver to manage telephone, sat-nav and information systems via a single colour touch screen.

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31 August 2009

The engine technology sounds impressive. I hope they still drive with 'italian verve'.

The external face lift is one thing this car didnt need. It was already the best looking small hatch, and even if it maintains that position, i dont see any improvements. It looks a bit more fussy than the original. I guess again we will have to wait to see them on the road to make our minds up.

31 August 2009

Why do they try to make a good looking car look worse by adding this and that, awful. Should have kept it the way it was on the outside at least.

31 August 2009

This is one of the best looking hatches in the market, it looks 10 times better than the Alfa Mito, but it's still a bloody Fiat and u gotta be mad to buy one...

31 August 2009

[quote Topkat]This is one of the best looking hatches in the market, it looks 10 times better than the Alfa Mito[/quote]

Agreed. It's also a more complete package than the Mito.



It's all about the twisties........

31 August 2009

I find the Alfa Mito better looking then the Fiat Punto anytime. This may sound awkward but this generation of Punto somehow reminds me of a Hewlett Packard Laptop & Nokia n-79 especially the rear and the front bumper. Perhaps is the chunky design.:)

Nokia N-79 HP laptop

31 August 2009

Terryen was obviously high when he compared a car to a mobile phone and a laptop ;-)

31 August 2009

i didn't like the facelift when the spy shots came out, but i rather like the nuova Punto, ok so the exterior of the original really didn't need an update, but the interior most certainly did!

Tough job updating one of the best looking cars on the road, but i think Fiat have just about pulled it off!

And theres always bound to be someone who'll trow in the whole thing of "wouldn't touch a Fiat blah blah blah" having owned 11 Fiat Group products, i'll only ever buy them!

31 August 2009

Technically impressive. Multiair should be a step forward and will have same impact that "common rail" had on diesel engines (common rail has been originally designed by Fiat engineers). 7 airbags, that's right. Everything looks ok... but the look!

Facelift is really ugly, especially at the front. That was the best looking supermini. Why they did it so badly?

31 August 2009

Looks are always subjective, I personally prefer the MiTo. But the most interesting thing here is the Multi air engine, these look a good step forward in petrol technology. It brings petrol back onto the table for those of us (in the real world) who just can't ignore the need for fuel economy.

31 August 2009

I think it looks good, better than it did in the spyshots from a month or so ago. The interior looks especially Italian, a vast improvement, although I'm not convinced on the rear lights - the revised graphics make them look altogether smaller and that makes the back end look slightly chubbier. But maybe it'll look better in the metal. Overall, I think Fiat have done a good job - the Grande Punto was a good looking car that was difficult to improve.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."


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