Currently reading: New Toyota e-Racer concept is fun, self-driving two-seater
Concept revealed at Tokyo points to the capacity for autonomous cars to cater to driving enthusiasts

Toyota has revealed an e-Racer concept at the Tokyo motor show, a two-seat, fun-to-drive car designed to re-emphasise the firm's belief that a future with autonomous cars will still have room for driving enthusiasts.

The car was unveiled on stage by Toyota boss Akio Toyoda, but no details - including technical or performance - were given about it beyond its name. As such, it is believed to be a concept in the truest sense, pointing merely to the fact that electric vehicles can be fun.

"All those years ago the car came along and replaced the horse," said Toyoda, "but today there are still people who own and race horses, and who have the most amazing, emotional relationships with their horses. For them, the horse remains irreplaceable.

"I believe it is the same for the car, even in an age of autonomy. People will continue to be at the centre of our technical advances even as e-mobilty is rolled out."

Although the concept appears to be a static prototype, visitors to the show are able to simulate driving it around a famous race circuit of their choosing with the aid of virtual reality glasses. Alongside the e-Racer concept, Toyota is also showcasing a 'virtual fitting function' that can take users' exact measurements to tailor a bespoke race suit.

The e-Racer is joined on Toyota's show stand by the second-generation of the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell saloon, the i-Road electric scooter and a new two-seat EV designed for urban driving.  

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