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A concept previewing a luxury saloon will be seen at this month's Tokyo motor show
Jim Holder
2 mins read
21 October 2015

Lexus has shown off the first teaser image previewing the look of the concept car it is showing at the Tokyo motor show next week.

The concept is said to “capture the company’s vision of progressive luxury” and Autocar understands the concept will preview the next-generation LS saloon. It will be revealed at the press day of the show, on 28 October. It's known that Lexus wants to mark 25 years of sales with a landmark launch at the show.

The new LS - a rival to the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class - is eagerly anticipated because it would act as a technology showpiece for the entire Lexus and Toyota ranges, highlighting developments that are drip-feed through to future cars.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the new range-topping saloon from Toyota’s luxury brand will be powered by a V8 hybrid powertrain developing around 535bhp.

A V8-powered LS, without the hybrid system, is tipped to develop around 465bhp.

Lexus’s first car, the LS400, was launched in late 1989 after being revealed at that year’s Detroit motor show. It was reputed to have cost a billion dollars to develop and set new standards of refinement for luxury saloons.

The company’s European boss Alain Uyttenhoven has already said the car will become "more emotional", saying: "The LS will remain the pinnacle of the range and have the highest price point."

He also denied rumours that the luxury saloon was going to adopt a Porsche Panamera-style liftback: You have to understand how our customers use these cars. In the US if they want to carry things they also have a pick-up and in China most of them are driven, while they sit in the back.

Uyttenhoven refused to be drawn on the details of what is meant by more emotional, but it’s likely to include more distinct styling for the next LS.

It’s not good for the brand to have ‘Russian doll’ styling, he said. We’re not chasing market share so we need to make cars that people notice, cars that polarise opinion so that people love them or don’t like them. We also need to trade on Japanese differentiation, design and attention to detail.

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10 November 2014
Remember when Liz Hurley aka Devil gifts Brendon Frazer with an emotional personality? Joke aside any word on the power trains? Perhaps an all-hybrid line-up? Considering Lexus / Toyota pretty much pioneered the hybrid power train that every car maker now aspires to.

10 November 2014
fadyady wrote:

any word on the power trains?

A detuned TS030 powertrain would make for quite an emotional vehicle.

10 November 2014
It's all very well Lexus desiring a range that gets people noticing their cars more, but surely they don't want to turn people away with NX-levels of ugliness? Especially in the more conservative luxury saloon market. Even the swept-back Jaguar XJ is too controversial for some.

10 November 2014
Dark Isle wrote:

It's all very well Lexus desiring a range that gets people noticing their cars more, but surely they don't want to turn people away with NX-levels of ugliness?

I agree. I think Lexus has always struggled to find a style, and they are now trying too hard to make their cars 'distinctive' by overloading with complicated and very fussy detailing. To my eyes it is not a good look so I hope that making the LS more '"emotional" doesn't mean they'll be continuing down this path.

11 August 2015
Big brash grilles surely have had their day? Automotive equivalent of flared trousers in my view. Perhaps a more environment-friendly look should be the next big thing. Impressive, though, was the original Lexus party trick, showing engine smoothness, by balancing of a 50p coin on the engine cover while it was taken through to max revs.

10 November 2014
Well, Toyota has a long, long way to go before it produces a pleasing, "emotional" (what an abused word!) design. The present LS, with its huge, unjustified maw, is noticeable enough as it is, thank you.

10 November 2014
Given BMW only design cars in two flavours: Bland or ugly, and Mercedes only do awkward, I think Lexus designers acquit themselves rather well, except for that awful looking hatchback.

11 November 2014
I know I'm in the minority, but I for one love the styling of the NX and if I was in the market for that type of car, it would be top of my list. Let's face it, there's plenty of room to be controversial - why must everything look so bland or derivative? If that's what the masses want, then there's certainly plenty of choice out there. I applaud Lexus for finally attempting something different and if they are not chasing volume sales then hopefully the new LS follows in the NX's footprint, and proves to be even more radical than the Jaguar XJ, which is undoubtedly the most stylish executive car on sale today.

11 November 2014
What I do think Lexus is missing, at least in its entry level offering, are fit and finish and powertrain. I've owned two Lexus now and driven the last ISh. They are Top quality but their offering, at least in Italy and in this range, is not going to pay off IMO. Both the ISh and the new NX have actually an original styling yet they feature an interior design that helps hiding an aggressive Design to Cost approach that is all but Luxury (rigid thin plastics vs foamed assemblies % for example). About the powertrain: it is way less powerful than the benchmark and it makes sense just if you're living downtown Rome or Milan where you can go everywhere. At a price point that's not cheap. I hardly understand where the Value Proposition is and I'm a fan of Japanese cars. They got they were losers against the German car makers with diesel powered engines but I think they made a mistake in disinvesting. Look at what Honda made with their diesel.

11 November 2014
GaetanoCimmino wrote:

Look at what Honda made with their diesel.

While I agree that the Honda 2.2 i-DTEC is excellent it has a few issues, namely a lack of tax-friendly emissions. It emits 141 g/km of CO2 in the Accord. Compare that with the Jaguar XE and Volvo S60 emitting just 99 g/km while being much faster and you can see it was overtaken really quickly. It's not even that refined if the experience of my friends CR-V is anything to go by!

The diesel they slotted into the previous IS was very disappointing. Lexus seem to be so anti-diesel but if Maserati can pull it off I fail to see why Lexus can't. Infiniti are using Mercedes-Benz diesels as they know it'll give them a head-start in the European market. I think Infiniti will overtake Lexus's profit margins sooner rather than later.


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