Currently reading: Skoda plans Evoque-style SUV and Octavia CC
A sporty SUV and sleek four-door saloon are in Skoda's development pipeline, due to launch after the next-gen Fabia

Skoda is poised to expand its range with a sporty SUV in the style of the Range Rover Evoque and a swoopy Volkswagen CC-style four-door saloon version of the Skoda Octavia. Few details are known, but Skoda boss Winfried Vahland confirmed that both models were in development. 

On the sporty SUV, design chief Josef Kaban said: “It is being designed and will do something different from the norm, like the Yeti did. But it won’t be too faddish. It will be a more expensive car, so it needs to still look good in a few years, as customers will probably keep them for a while.”

Before any news of these forthcoming Skoda models is launched, the firm will replace its staple supermini, the Skoda Fabia. The replacement is likely to be previewed at the Paris motor show next October before going on sale in 2015, according to Vahland.

“The next-generation Fabia will be far more youthful and have styling cues from the current S2000 rally car — much lower, much more squat and emotional in its look,” said Vahland. “It will be the first VW Group supermini to utilise the NVQ [Skoda’s internal name for MQB] small car platform.

“Although we are keen not to alienate our older clientele, who traditionally buy Fabia, the next generation will major on features like connectivity to give it a more youthful appeal.”

It is understood the Fabia's width will grow some 50mm, but it will remain no more than 4 metres in length. An estate version is tipped to remain part of the range, and will have a fractionally larger boot.

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fadyady 29 December 2013

Lazy days, lazy news

It appears to be a petty news item that the aforementioned car maker may use to justify price increases aimed at increasing its profitability.

While so far its main raison d'etre had been to offer VW products at a discount now the time has come for Skoda to help fill the VW kitty.

skorob 30 December 2013

Skoda have been the most

Skoda have been the most profitable in the VW Group for a long time, and the Octavia has been 5th best selling car in Western Europe for the past 2 months. SEAT are still hovvering around the 300,000 sales a year mark, whereas skoda are at the million mark. I think an Octavia Coupe, and the forthcoming SUV's will be a welcome addition to the Skoda range. Let SEAT become the budget brand, after all, they are the youngest manufacturer and always built left over Fiats before VW bought them, unlike Skoda, which is the worlds 3rd oldest manufacturer.
AndyT 28 December 2013

VAG expects SEAT to perform miracles

I've said it before, but VAG expects SEAT to perform miracles without giving them any exciting new models to do so.
The fabulous new Leon is an essential model in the range but where are models similar to those mentioned in this article?
Given SEAT is 100% VW owned, its stange they dont realise any failing of SEAT is a failing of VW.
So let me guess, the next few years will see endless new models for VW, Audi and Skoda, a few clones for SEAT and then we'll read articles as to how SEAT is underperforming compared to its VAG stablemates. Of course they blo*dy will be! VW dont treat SEAT the same way Fiat is treating Lancia (and Alfa) at the moment. Fools!
Douglas in TX 28 December 2013

VAG has said they are

VAG has said they are developing a new low-cost brand to complete with Dacia and the like. Could the end goal be to allow SEAT to shutter (due to failing sales), and replace it with this new brand? That way they have manufactuing capacity all ready to go to start producing new inexpensive cars. Right now you have VW, Skoda, and SEAT all fighting each other for sales. Eliminate one, focus on the other two, and create a third non-competing brand. Food for thought.
rdsreference 28 December 2013

Fabia on MQB don't think so ?

I read in the Autocar which dates back a few months that Skoda will not use the New MQB or NVQ platform for the next Fabia. This was reported by Winfred Vahland So have they changed their minds? Or maybe your report was incorrect. Skoda need to be careful with their pricing