Outgoing car’s MPV image gets swapped for fashionable SUV shape; all-new 5008 comes as standard with i-Cockpit tech and seven seats
Sam Sheehan
7 September 2016

The new Peugeot 5008 has ditched the MPV image of its predecessor to take on the more fashionable look of an SUV.

We run through the drastically different new model’s technical details below.

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The 2017 model is claimed to mix the practicality of an MPV with some off-road ability. It comes exclusively as a seven-seater and has been produced to rival the likes of the Nissan X-Trail and Renault Koleos.

Compared with the old car, the new 5008 has grown in length by 19cm and its wheelbase is 16.5cm longer, but it stands at an identical 1.64 metres tall with roof bars.

Peugeot’s designers have given the car a more muscular-looking exterior by using an upright front grille and harder-edged rear and strong door lines to create very different styling from the outgoing model’s van-like silhouette.

Technology and interior

There’s a significantly updated cabin, complete with Peugeot’s wraparound i-Cockpit, which adds a 12.3in TFT instrument display and 8.0in centre console touchscreen.

As standard, every 5008 model comes with seven seats. All three rows of seats have length adjustability, five different angles of inclination and three-point Isofix anchor points.

Rear passengers are given power sockets, blinds, trays on the back of the first-row seats, hooks and cupholders. Boot space can be maximised by removing the third-row seats. They weigh less than 11kg to make extraction easier.

With the second and third rows of seats down, the 5008 offers up to 1124 litres of boot space. This grows to 1940 litres if you load all the way up to the roof. With the third-row seats down and second row up, there’s still 1060 litres of space to fill, which is class-leading.

Top-spec models get an electric tailgate that can be opened by placing a foot under the rear bumper. This feature is optional further down the range.

Peugeot has ditched the base Access trim level from the UK market. This means the entry-level 5008 comes in Active form and gets i-Cockpit as standard. Above this, Allure, GT Line and a more performance-orientated GT model are offered.

Engines and gearbox

Like its predecessor, the 5008 is available at launch with a choice of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, but it gains a more potent range-topping 2.0-litre diesel option.

The smallest petrol, a 128bhp 1.2-litre, comes with a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed automatic. It’s joined by a 1.6-litre that produces 163bhp and is mated exclusively with the auto.

The diesel range consists of 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre engines making between 99bhp and 178bhp. The most potent powers the 5008 GT and comes with an auto gearbox only.

Despite its rugged image, there is no four-wheel drive option, so all engines power the front wheels only.

Price and on-sale date

The new model looks set to arrive in Britain in mid-February, with entry prices rising slightly from those of the outgoing car, which starts at £23,130. Peugeot says the increase is the result of the dropped base model and additional high-tech features.

It means the 5008 will be pricier than the base version of a key rival, the X-Trail, which starts at £21,995. But the Peugeot's more striking appearance and long list of standard kit should help to justify the premium.

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Our Verdict

Peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 is a step forward for the brand, but it is not enough to transform the MPV market

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7 September 2016
The 2010s version of the iconic 504 estate 7 seater returns! Like the style, but have to wonder what's underneath.

7 September 2016
I'd imagine its sat on the PSA Group's EMP2 platform. This already underpins the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, which has received generally complimentary reviews since launch. I recently drove a Grand C4 Picasso over 3500 miles in 2 weeks around the Scottish Islands and have to say, it was remarkably good to drive and extremely comfortable, and returned over 58mpg overall, so if that's anything to go by, this 5008 could be a good effort!

7 September 2016
The world doesn't need another jacked-up barge, but as SUVs go, it's not a bad looking one.

7 September 2016
Funny I could post the exact same comment on this as I've just done on the Vauxhall 7 seater and this is better looking to. Anyhow to repeat, if you need to move 2 adults and 5 kids around this £30,000 cars would appeal more to me than a £50,000 Q7 and XC90. It would leave you enough to buy a decent second-hand Porsche Boxster too

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

7 September 2016
Looks great and if the refinement/quality is there together with an improved dealer experience, Peugeot is well on the way to becoming the French version of VW that it wants to be known as.

It begs an obvious question for the PSA Group though. This is a style and quality led vehicle. The new C3 (which looks fab to my eyes) is also a style led vehicle. Where, therefore, does that leave DS as a brand? It was distinctive 5 years ago but is now being cannibalised, never mind the challenge from the other brands.

7 September 2016
spanco wrote:

....It begs an obvious question for the PSA Group though. This is a style and quality led vehicle. The new C3 (which looks fab to my eyes) is also a style led vehicle. Where, therefore, does that leave DS as a brand? It was distinctive 5 years ago but is now being cannibalised, never mind the challenge from the other brands.

I agree. Certainly as far as the UK market goes DS seems to be running out of steam. I saw quite a few DS5 on the roads when it was first introduced but now I hardly see any. I think we can forget about DS4, and its a shame that DS3 doesn't seem to sell in the numbers it once did. But as you say, Peugeot and main brand Citroen are now producing much better, more interesting vehicles.

7 September 2016
catnip wrote:

I agree. Certainly as far as the UK market goes DS seems to be running out of steam.

It really does seem that way. The e-Tense is spectacular and a brilliant halo model but they're increasingly in need of volume sellers that embody the values/philosophy of it.

7 September 2016
This looks good and while I'm not an SUV fan I'm also not totally against, I was reading a review about a Toyota SUV (Highlander) and was liking what I read about it, only to find it wasn't coming to these shores. Many of the 7 seaters in SUV guise don't have enough room in the back for my use when using 6-7 seats so I'm hoping this will offer more. I certainly didn't like the look of the last 5008, this is much better on the eye.

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!

7 September 2016
Following the Kodiaq, this new 5008 adds further competition in the medium-to-large, 7 seater, SUV segment. It's quite a striking looker at first glance, although some of the details are poorly resolved as is the way with Peugeot's current design language. The interior looks very nice as Peugeot evolves the iCockpit theme. Pricing will be key - that Skoda looks incredible value, even if the interior seems a bit dull compared with the 5008.
The car-buying public gets what it deserves, unfortunately ...

7 September 2016
Nice to see a manufacturer not just produce a range of identical looking cars...By becoming an SUV(ish) it also differentiates much more with the C4 Grand Picasso which continues with the MPV styling, as the previous generation looked too alike


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