Currently reading: Subaru Ascent name confirmed for upcoming seven-seat SUV
Subaru’s latest concept previews a production model that's longer than the Range Rover and destined for the American market in 2018
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12 April 2017

The Subaru Ascent name has been confirmed for the brand's upcoming seven seat SUV, destined for the North American market next year.

On show in concept form at the New York motor show, the Ascent evolves the design of the Viziv-7 concept that was first shown in LA in November (see gallery). It will become the largest model the Japanese brand has ever produced.

No numbers have been revealed for the Ascent, but the Viziv-7 was 1mm longer and 20mm taller than a long-wheelbase Range Rover, although it was a fair bit narrower.

This would make the car considerably larger than the Skoda Kodiaq and Toyota Land Cruiserwith a wheelbase not far off that of a Bentley Flying Spur.

The production version, due in 2018, will be based on Subaru's new Global Platform, shared with models like the next XV. It will be powered by a turbocharged flat-four boxer engine and drive all four wheels.

The Ascent concept's cabin features a digital instrument cluster and central touchscreen. There are also touchscreens for the window controls. Some of these features will likely make it to the final car.


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Takeshi Tachimori, Subaru’s corporate executive vice president, said of the model last year: “We know customers in this segment want a full-sized vehicle and the next three-row from Subaru will be the biggest Subaru vehicle ever.”

Tachimori described the brand's seven-seater as ‘forward-looking’, ‘dependable, safe and capable’, hinting at the car’s off-road ability.

Jimi Beckwith and Sam Sheehan

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17 November 2016
This is the spiritual replacement for the Tribeca, long withdrawn from UK sale as it simply didn't - with looks as if it had been hit with the ugly stick it was never going to.

The Viziv-7 is so big it needs a 6-cylinder diesel but Subaru don't have one in planning.

17 November 2016
The article only states that it would be powered by a Subaru typical boxer engine. It doesn't say whether that's a petrol or diesel. Bearing in mind the furore about diesel emissions at the moment, what's going to power this behemoth is anyone's guess.

17 November 2016
Ruperts Trooper wrote:

The Viziv-7 is so big it needs a 6-cylinder diesel but Subaru don't have one in planning.

Certainly agree with the 6 cylinder comment, maybe Volvo could use it in their base £47,000 XC90 instead of a 4 pot 2.0

17 November 2016
That's a very Audi-esque grille!

18 November 2016
Every new SUV that appears seems to be bigger and uglier than the last. They should sell them in Argos along with the big gold curb chains. Horrible object that almost nobody needs unless maybe they live in Africa.

20 November 2017

Seems every other vehicle here is eithe Range Rover - Landcruiser or Q7. This country is rather big and the roads pretty rubbish away from the two big cities (St. Pete and Moscow) snd as almost everone has a dacha a monster is the choice. I like this actually because they will be more rare. The Kodiaq disappointed me (the Scout is way better) and the only other than the aforementioned models would be Kia Prime. So if this can arrive in 2018 it goes on the possible list

18 November 2016
and call it L'AIZIA


18 November 2016
Hybrid drivetrain please Subaru.
No reason why such large car would not sell here: Volvo sells lots of xc90s and Land Rover and Mercedes sells various products at or about that size.

13 April 2017
Twin baboon butt rear lights a nice touch. Ar5e-scent or Subaru fart.

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