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Limited edition, Nismo-tuned production model will start at €990,000, with 50 due to be made
Felix Page Autocar writer
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7 December 2018

Nissan has opened order books for the production-ready GT-R50 by Italdesign, an ultra-exclusive rebodied GT-R Nismo

Orders are now being taken for the 50 examples that will be produced, available from €990,000 (£883,000) before taxes and options.

The launch of the model, created in collaboration with Turin-based design house Italdesign, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the GT-R in 2019, and the same milestone for Italdesign in 2018.

Based on the GT-R Nismo, the GT-R50 is Nissan and Italdesign’s first joint project. The development, engineering and building of the car was all Italdesign’s work, while the design was undertaken at Nissan’s London and San Diego design centres. 

First drive: Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign concept

Styling of the production GTR-50 is relatively unchanged from the concept that was displayed at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. That vehicle was finished in a unique grey-gold combination, but Nissan says each production GT-R50 will likely be unique, given Italdesign's specialisation in bespoke fitment.


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The model is longer, wider and lower to the ground than the Nismo on which it’s based, while the roofline has been lowered by 54mm. The car’s original features have been exaggerated and aerodynamically improved, most notably in the form of the large, adjustable rear wing. 

Performance has been boosted to fit the car’s limited status, with the 3.8-litre V6 engine producing 710bhp and 575lb ft - up from the 592bhp and 481lb ft of the standard GT-R Nismo. 

Race-spec turbochargers have been fitted, as have a larger intercooler system, adjustable dampers and heavy-duty crankshaft, pistons, bearings and connecting rods. Upgraded intake and exhaust systems also help to achieve the 118bhp boost. 

“How often do you get to ask ‘What if we created a GT-R without limits?’ and then actually get to build it?” said design boss Alfonso Albaisa.

“This is a rare window in time when two big moments intersect: 50 years of Italdesign shaping the automotive world and 50 years of Nissan generating excitement through our iconic GT-R. So to celebrate this convergence, Nissan and Italdesign created this custom GT-R to mark 50 years of engineering leadership.”

The prototype GT-R50 is currently on display at the Nissan Gallery in Yokohama, Japan, and is expected to head to North America in early 2019 where it is likely to appear at the New York motor show.

Deliveries of customer models will begin in 2019 and will finish by the end of 2020.

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29 June 2018

 A very tasteful buff up?, yes, yes it is, I like Ital little design cues the Gold detailing is over the top the front is spot on and it has enough power too.

7 December 2018

 €990,000 !, is that a misprint?, in no way is this Car  worth that, it’s still a GTR underneath, not much quicker, a fancy paint job and a bit cosmetic Surgery, a bit of Botox here and there, there are Cars way better than this for the money, that look the money even, just because Ital design (?) had a hand in it doesn’t mean it’s a great Car.....

8 December 2018

No car is worth this amount of money, in the real world the Nissan gtr is a giant killer which is where it got its Godzilla moniker

29 June 2018
The Italians have put Godzilla on a diet and given it some relatively tasteful bling. Bellissimo. Not sure about that rear window treatment though.

29 June 2018

 Rear windows are going to be redundant in 10-15 years maybe because we’ll have Cameras instead of Mirrors, anti collision software so to an extent we should be safer....?

29 June 2018

Is there a certain irony in ItalDesign's finest work for anyone, now that they're owned by Volkswagen, is for Nissan, of the rival Nissan/Renault/Mitsubishi alliance? The car is superb, the politics must be weird. Why not a Reinterpretation of the Ur Quattro?

Maybe it's some sort of declaration of independence?

29 June 2018

A bit odd,  but then I don't understand their role within Audi and the wider VAG now either, especially in terms of styling as VAG have such a corporate look to their products

9 July 2018

 Sorry, as fantastic a Car as the standard one is a limited edition at this price is taking the Urine to a whole new level, who in there right mind would say...hmmm.....£800K ?

10 July 2018

The gold accents are great, recall Audi 200 of the eighties with matt gold, instead of chrome, window trim.

Don't like the lack of rear vision. No technology can replace direct visibility out.

12 July 2018

Arabs and morons line up here!


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