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The Porsche 911 display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed has broken cover

This is the central statue at this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911.

The central feature has become a staple of the Festival of Speed in recent years. Each year the lawn in front of Goodwood House is transformed by an automotive sculpture. 

As in past years, the display features real cars suspended in the air. Porsche has chosen to showcase three models: an original 1963 911, a latest 2013 example and a 1973 2.7 RS.

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jonboy4969 13 July 2013

Jonboy says your thick, cant

Jonboy says your thick, cant even spell the name right, they are not all the same perhaps you should look at the Land Rover one, which was not white, did not stick up as it was a round sculpture, and if you were to take the time, which i am sure you wont, as your nurse has your medication ready, to look on t'internet, you will clearly see that in some way they are ALL different.

Matthew Tortellini 15 July 2013

I appreciate your policing of

I appreciate your policing of spelling here, and agree that basic standards of spelling and grammer should be upheld at all times. As such, I have corrected some basic errors in your post below:


; you're can't right. They I won't.


Although it's obviously lost on you, from what I can see Jonnyboy is just a patronising form of Jonboy, while you'd probably fail an 11+. Nice one.



Matthew Tortellini.

bens_mashup_log 12 July 2013

A few more iterations of the 911 wouldn't have gone amiss

I must say the sculpture used in 2006 that also included a tent housing the Renault f1 team didn't look so good.

Last year's mobius strip with Lotus f1 cars on was good though. 

I'm not a pedant either.

al_a_cart 12 July 2013

whats white? what sticks up

whats white?

what sticks up in the air?

what has a car on the end of it?

open your eyes jonnyboy!!!!!!!