Currently reading: New Noble M600 arrives with targa top and paddleshift gearbox
An open-top targa version of the M600 supercar is on show in Geneva; it's related to the Speedster concept from 2016 Goodwood
Jim Holder
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7 March 2017

A Noble M600 with a targa top and new paddleshift gearbox is on show at the Geneva motor show.

The model is related to the Speedster concept of the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed (pictured). It is expected go on sale with a price of around £220,000 this year.

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The open-top version of the M600 supercar gets a targa roof that takes less than 30sec to lift on or off via two clips, but the roof can't be stowed away in the car so a portable canvas alternative is provided.

It also comes with a Noble-developed paddleshift sequential automatic gearbox, rather than a dual-clutch system. According to Noble boss Pete Boutwood: "​It’s not an off the shelf double-clutch transmission, but a proper sequential robotised manual transmission. This is to maintain a raw driver feel and to make you feel like you are really driving it."

That automatic gearbox comes as standard, but Boutwood has previously indicated that a manual could also be made available on demand. "If a customer wants a manual that much then we are the right size to give them what they want," Boutwood said at Goodwood, adding: "In fact, I really rather love the idea."

The production model is very similar to the first prototype, which was shown at last year's Autosport International. But the hatch over the back has been slightly modified to be sleeker and better at cooling its V8.

"The real beauty is that you can hear the engine," Boutwood said. "It's intoxicating."

The M600 model has a been a relatively slow burner for Noble, with just 27 produced in the last six years, but Boutwood said sales are now starting to take off.

"We’re getting enquiries every day now I think because people have realised that there’s nothing quite like a properly analogue car," he said.

With its V8 twin-turbo engine now built by Judd and offering a little more power than the advertised 600bhp always claimed for the motor, Boutwood days the Noble brand is starting gain traction.

"Customers come from traditional supercar manufacturers to us for two reasons: reliability and the driving experience."


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23 June 2016
The torque converter auto gearbox is "to maintain a raw driver feel and to make you feel like you are really driving it." Really ? Torque converter autos and dual clutch autos dont feel any different when driving and neither "maintain a raw driver feel and to make you feel like you are really driving it."

24 June 2016
Is it a torque-converter though? The article doesn't specify and there's scant info anywhere else. I suspect it's an automated manual.

24 June 2016
Yes most likely an automated manual. The pricing is crazy.

23 June 2016
Hadn't heard anything from them for a while and really hoped they were still around. Lovely car. If they could only make it a bit cheaper I think it would sell but at 220K it must be a struggle to shift them. Anyone know how many they've sold. What a machine.

7 March 2017
Can't believe they're still going, especially selling antiques like this. Perhaps PSA could buy them up

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