Currently reading: New Bentley two-seater sports GT concept set for Geneva show
Concept car to preview a Ferrari and Aston Martin rival that's tipped for a 2018 launch

Bentley will unveil a super-performance, front-engined two-seater sports GT at the Geneva motor show in two weeks’ time, as a preview to a new model aimed squarely at stealing sales from Aston Martin and Ferrari.

The car, a concept, is likely to be powered by a specially configured version of the 500bhp Audi-sourced 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 introduced recently into Bentley’s other models, although higher-powered, differently engined versions would be likely if it went into production in order to ensure that the car could match the 200mph top speed of some of its saloon siblings.  

Bentley is likely to say the car’s main purpose is to test the reaction of potential customers, but the new model was first mentioned as a production possibility by returning CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer in a press conference last summer. Autocar understands the car is likely be positioned beside the Continental GT, not below it.

He also revealed the possibility of a saloon between the Bentayga, which is already in demand from the biggest markets such as the US and China.

The GT, certain to be designed in Bentley’s Crewe studio, would probably use the Volkswagen Group’s MSB flexible architecture, designed for cars of all formats positioned above the Audi range. Its front mid-engined engineering layout would likely be informed by Bentley's recent experience with its successful GT3 racing cars.

Bentley is still in the throes of extending its Crewe production facilities for Bentayga, so if okayed for production the new GT would be unlikely to reach buyers before 2018. In today’s money it would be expected to start around £120,000-£140,000 and go upward from there, depending on bespoke equipment.

Bentley has a long history of launching concepts at the Geneva motor show. The concept that produced the Bentayga SUV was first seen there three years ago, as was the mid-engined Hunaudières prototype (which foreshadowed Bentley’s return to Le Mans) in 1999. A small Bentley convertible, the Java, also made its debut there in 1994 but did not reach production.

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CWBROWN 18 February 2015

The future.

Yeah, maybe neither me nor 'Norma' can afford to buy a new one so it is easy to neg on it, but if the Asian, middle eastern and footballer markets want this type of car, then its great that so many Brits are employed screwing it together.

I hope the govm does everything to support this type of high tech/ high value manufacturing. The UK is better with an alive luxury brand, than one with a gilded past, but no future.

Norma Smellons 17 February 2015


A two seat, next-gen VW Phaeton? Weighing just over a ton per passenger? Dresden strikes back with the further ruination of a once-great British brand.