Currently reading: Mercedes-Benz reveals SL Grand Edition
Set to appear at Geneva, special edition precedes the 2020 launch of an AMG-engineered eighth-generation SL

Mercedes-Benz has revealed an updated version of the existing SL called the Grand Edition ahead of the planned launch of an all-new eighth-generation model engineered by AMG in 2020.

Set to make its public debut at the upcoming 2019 Geneva motor show, the SL Grand Edition is planned to go on sale in the UK next month. 

It will be sold in two versions: the 362bhp turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine powered SL400 and the 440bhp turbocharged 4.6-litre V8 petrol engine powered SL500.

98 Mercedes sl grand edition hero side

Each model comes in the choice of four metallic colour schemes, including two black tones as well as grey and white. 

Also included are standard 19-inch front and 20-inch rear 10-spoke forged alloy wheels in a combination of black and silver as well a sports suspension that lowered the ride height of the upmarket roadster by 10mm.

93 Mercedes sl grand edition dashboard

Inside, the SL400 and SL500 Grand Edition models both receive a brown leather interior previously offered as an option among Mercedes-Benz’s high-end Designo label. 

Further standard features include the German car maker’s Airscarf seat back mounted neck heater, seats with active side support and an air conditioning function and a so-called Driving Assistance Plus Package with Active Parking Assist.

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sevensixty 21 February 2019

Is it worth it?

One can't blame Mercedes for trying to shift stock at the end of a model's life – if it's old and outclassed then so be it in the Darwinistic world of car evolution. What might be more interesting is to hear Autocar's view on whether these giveaways like the brown leather trim offer substantive value. Sometimes these end-of-life specials offer good value and sometimes not - or as pointed by another out they force a buyer down a rabbit-hole of buying a limited set of specs. I'm happy to hear this thing exists, I'd be happier still to know what it's relevance, or not, is to a potential buyer.

s4i100 20 February 2019


"Each model comes in the choice of four metallic colour schemes, including two black tones as well as grey and white."

If I was in the market for a 2 seater I would want a better choice of colours than this.

Roadster 20 February 2019

Another uninspiring Mercedes

When compared to other GTs, such as the Ferrari Portofino, Aston Martin DB11 and Maserati GranCabrio (and their predecessors) for example, the Mercedes SL is completely out of its depth and has been for a very long time indeed. On looks and sheer desirability alone it doesn't come close, with this current version of the SL looking nothing more than an awkard and ungainly looking 2 door Mercedes saloon on the outside and a staid and sombre mess on the inside. 

JWopp 18 December 2021

This is so untrue. I agree that the colour range and brown interior of this 'grand edition' is a disaster but your comparison with the hapless Ferrari Portofino and the cramped DB11 which are both twice the price of the SL doesn't make sense. As for the Maserati you can't even get a toothbrush in the boot - hopeless. And! Cost of servicing for all is lunacy.  

My SL63 (R231 facelift) is a great performer, takes loads of luggage and golf clubs, and costs sod all to run in reality  

I may even buy the new SL55 which looks good but maybe the soft-top only is a mistake for the UK