Radical Flying Huntsman packs 400bhp-plus V8 and is the first in a new series of Defender-based models from Kahn

UK-based Kahn Design has shown its extreme Land Rover Defender conversion, called the Flying Huntsman 105 Longnose, at the Geneva motor show

It is powered by a 6.2-litre GM LS3 V8 engine which, says the company, is good for “between 400 and 450bhp”, and uses a six-speed, push-button automatic transmission.

To accommodate the new powertrain, the Defender body and chassis have been stretched by about 400mm, with the extra length inserted between the windscreen and front wheels. The ‘105’ designation refers to the Huntsman’s lengthened wheelbase.

Kahn Design says the Huntsman’s suspension and braking systems have been upgraded to cope with the hike in power. The car is also fitted with the company’s Defender wide-arch body kit.

Company boss Afzal Kahn says the Huntsman is expected to cost about £150,000.

“The Defender is probably the most iconic and well-loved British vehicle in existence; even more so than the Mini, I believe,” he said.

“The fact that Land Rover is retiring it is an absolute tragedy. It’s one of my top three all-time favourite vehicles.”

Kahn calls the new 105 Longnose “the first in an upcoming line of related retro-classic models, each of which will be based on the Land Rover Defender”. Future models will include a “four-door variant with a correspondingly longer wheelbase” and a “6x6 model”. More powerful versions are also planned.

Kahn says it is also likely to be offered in “B4 and B6 armoured variants”. A B7 variant is thought to be in the pipeline that will provide “maximum security for the driver and passengers”. 

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Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is an institution and unbeatable off road, if crude on it

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7 January 2015
Totally ridiculous, unnecessary and inordinately expensive.

I want one.

7 January 2015
Rhys wrote:

Totally ridiculous, unnecessary and inordinately expensive.

I want one.

You have to be a rap star before they allow you to buy one.

7 January 2015
The proportions of this are just awful..

7 January 2015
Soon part company. If they wanted to celebrate a British icon why did they stuff an American engine in it? Surely they could have taken engines from JLR to implant into the thing even if those may have some non-UK origins lurking about? Take the powertrain of the RR Sport and be done with it. Surely there is a footballer out there with the foresight to have something like that commissioned.

8 January 2015
No fan of Khan's work, and this doesn't help. I really don't know where to begin. 400bhp sounds nice, but having driven the V8 County there's really no need for anything more. This is an off-road tool, not for on-road tools. I won't say you shouldn't modify a Defender, but nothing he's done has improved it. Not being a gangster rapper I'm probably not his target market; those with taste need not apply.

8 January 2015
Spoilt it. Others have packed in more power without stretching it.

8 January 2015
I'm sure it will go down a treat at Geneva. The Huntsman looks to have been designed to a very high standard

When a journo of Hilton Holloway's caliber gives it the thumbs up, it's worth taking note!

Good on Kahn!

5 March 2015
People have been sticking small block Chevrolets in Land Rovers for years without going all Pinocchio on them. The engine is about the same length as the four cylinder they're pulling out. Strange

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