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Organisers say decision not to run was made after bulk of exhibitors said they would not attend
James Attwood, digital editor
2 mins read
29 June 2020

The Geneva motor show, one of the biggest events on the car industry calendar, will not take place next year - with organisers saying that the bulk of exhibitors had indicated they would not attend.

This year’s running of the Swiss event, due to take place in March, was cancelled at the last minute due to the coronavirus pandemic. That left organisers facing a major financial shortfall.

The Foundation of the Geneva International Motor Show (FGIMS) has been considering plans for the future, and had been in talks with the State of Geneva over a loan to shore up its future. But after surveying exhibitors they have now scrapped plans for next year.

In a statement FGIMS said: “A majority of GIMS exhibitors who took part in a survey stated that they would probably not participate in a 2021 edition in and that they would prefer to have a GIMS in 2022.

“The automotive sector is currently going through a difficult phase, and exhibitors need time to recover from the effects of the pandemic. Furthermore, it is far from certain that the current health situation would permit the organisation of an event attracting more than 600,000 visitors and 10,000 journalists next spring.”

The FGIMS added that it would now refuse the 16.8 million Swiss franc (£14.1 million) loan from the state of Geneva, because it had been contingent on an event being organised in 2021.

In order to ensure the long-term future of the event, the FGIMS has also decided to sell the motor show to Palexpo SA, the firm that runs the Geneva exhibition centre it is held in.

The coronavirus pandemic has proven a major blow to several already struggling motor shows. As well as Geneva, this year’s Paris, New York and Detroit shows have all been cancelled, while the Beijing show was delayed from April until September.

Paris organisers have already indicated that event will not run again in its traditional form, while there are also questions over the future of Germany’s biennial motor show, which rotates with Paris on the calendar. The German event is due to move from its long-time home in Frankfurt to Munich next year.


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30 June 2020
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30 June 2020

You'd have to be a pretty sad adult male to want to go to a motor show.

30 June 2020

is done

30 June 2020

These shows are a complete waste of money costing millions all this has to be paid for thats one reason cars are so dear. I personally don't go to any of these so-called motor shows and I know people who waste a lot of money just to go them good luck to them also I no longer go to any motor race because of all the people that get in for free with there invites etc why should I subsidize them.

30 June 2020

YAWN - if you actually own one or both of the cars your name suggests, then I am not surprised you want to not go to shows, but you do talk a load of drivel, the shows cost millions, yeah, but the manufactures recoup that with all the free advertising, all over the world, it saves them posting pictures of their nice new cars in magazines and newspapers, and costs you nothing, as the costs are written off against the advertising and marketing budgets.As for the racing, that’s the funniest thing you put, the free tickets, ok, so you think that the businesses that pump hundreds of millions into racing every year are not entitled to get a few free tickets, along with the family of the drivers and team members, plus these people all get to have private seating away from us mere mortals, so take nothing away from paying public, again you subsidize no one, if you actually checked your facts before posting you wouldn't look a tool.

30 June 2020

If read what I wrote it was only my viewpoint, as for your title I could intrepid your into porn? we should be able to put forward our views right or wrong without some people looking for fault anyway I have been in the industry and it does not matter how you work the budgets we all still have to pay thats all.

30 June 2020

I used to enjoy visiting them in the UK, but alas as the British ones have disappeared so will the rest of them. Big loss for us car fans, but not so much for the manufacturers paying huge fees and other costs to attend.


All they need to do now is set up a small event and invite the likes of Henry Catchpole of Evo / Carfection to review and they'll get far more out of it.


Big loss for the few of us who could attend.   Big loss for the future generations that can't marvel at all these wonderful cars and dream of owning them when they grow up...



30 June 2020

obviously this years motorshow was a no go, but there has been a british Motor Show for a number of years, i have been to them all, they even had some British and European launches, as well as a couple of World Launches, and this years was to be the biggest yet.Just a shame that the silly idea of the british Motor Show that was going to be placed on a silly period of time, as it clashed with other events, and was situated about as far south as you can go, would have been a total waste and ruined the already brilliant, Goodwood festival of Speed that was also a massive MotorShow, the London International Motor Show as well as other events.never mind i will stick to those and the Millbrook annual event, by special invite only... had some great times there, and driven some really awesome cars.

30 June 2020

It's a great shame but I think we saw it coming. Good to stay optimistic about the following year, but part of me wonders if it's time for the shows combined to think about reducing to one major European show each year. Imagine the amount of world debuts/premieres. They could expand the online offerings for those who can't attend in person. It's still a lot of fun visiting these shows and anyone who says differently clearly either hasn't been, or has just had a bad experience and is therefore throwing a strop.

30 June 2020

 With today's tech, the digital World we live in you don't really need to spent a lot to get your latest Car or whatever in front of millions of People's eyes instantly around the World in minutes, and if it's done in virtual, it's like being there!, so the old fashioned idea of pressing the flesh, making deals at the shows is about to be long gone, just look at the way buying a Car has changed, you can actually buy a car without talking to anyone, and in some cases, get it delivered to your own drive.


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